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February 20, 2009

Single Ladies

During my college career, I've attended a ton of basketball games. Everyone across campus goes because we want to support the team. However, my support for the Wabash College basketball team has greatly increased since I've been a Rhyne.

The Rhynies provide entertainment for the crowd during half-time and times outs. Usually, this entertainment comes in the form of building a pyramid, wheel barrel races, and dancing. Now dont laugh when I say we dance. For a bunch of college guys who dont anything about rhythym, we do alright.

We do so well that the Rhynies usually have a dance-off with some other dance team. This semester, we've challenged the girl dance teams at IU, Ball State, and Butler. I have to admit that our final basketball dance of the season was pretty fantastic, but the first we gave this season was pretty good too.

So, I'll just let you be the judge of it yourself. In the Spring 2009 Rhyne's first Youtube appearance, I give you Beyonce's Single Ladies.


PS- The Rhynes dont make an appearance until about 45 seconds into the video

February 11, 2009

What Do the Lonely Do on Valentine's Day?

At an all-guy's school, Valentine's Day has a significant meaning. For some, it means that when your girlfriend comes to campus, you can be affectionate and none of your fraternity brothers/roommates will make fun you. Guys here will buy flowers and chocolate for their lady friends. They'll take them Crawfordsville's finest restaraunts, mainly Little Mexico. They'll do whatever they can to make the most of the day... because on Sunday, we all know that the girlfriends must leave to go back to their home schools.

However, there is a specific portion of the Wabash population who do not have girlfriends. What are these guys doing on Saturday? Is Valentine's Day just another meaningless holiday?

Well, I'm glad you asked. In a very unscientific survey, I asked single Wabash guys what they were planning to do this Saturday. Here is are the Top-Ten results:

10. Go to a bar and make 3rd rate Romance- Joe Merkley

9. Cuddle up with a bottle of Jack Daniels (only if your 21)- Justin Froedge

8. Get your creep on- Chuck Long

7. Get excited because you dont have to buy anything- Andrew Sparks

6. Find a party at somebody else's school- Marc Knoll

5. Talk about how hot your girlfriend would be, if you had one- Eric Woolf

4. Go hit baseballs - Nate Schrader

3. Find a girl who is as desperate as I am- Jake Ezell

2. Steal somebody else's date- Bobby Ritz

1. All of the above - Chad Sorenson

There you have it folks. These are the plans of a few Wabash men. What are your plans for this weekend?

February 05, 2009

Initiation 2009

I feel old. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I feel a distance between myself and the freshmen. I watched 20 new guys join our fraternity this Sunday, and I was sitting there trying to remember my initiation... it felt so long ago. Yes, I know; it was only two years ago. I know it sounds crazy. I remember feeling so nervous and excited because I wasn't sure what was about to come. I saw the same expressions on the froshies faces.

As I sat there, I wondered how I would feel, when I'm an old alumni who comes back for initiation 5 years from now? 10 years? or 20 years? I already feel like my own initiation was ages ago.... I cant imagine how old man King would feel.

Initiation was much of the same as it was last year. The only new, and exciting, addition was a snowball fight right before we sat and had dinner. The snow was perfect that day. The sun had come out to melt it, and it was ready to be thrown. Usually, Betas do a snake-line and sing an initiation song around our house. This year, the upper classmen decided they would not join the snake-line. The sophomores had no idea there was an agenda. When the sophomores made it back to the house, there was an attack. Upperclassmen lauched snowballs at the underclassmen. There were some pretty good hits too. Of course, the sophomores didn't take this lying down. They retaliated.

It was a decent workout right before dinner.