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I'm a Rhyne!

Its funny how we change. Who knew that I would want to join the Sphinx Club one day? Even as I think about it, I'm still startled that I actually decided to go to the call-out meeting. 

As an incoming freshmen, I never saw myself joining this club. It just wasn't who I was. But, honestly, I am not that same kid who came here Fall 2006. I've evolved so much since then, and I'm still evolving now. When I think about it, freshmen year Daniel King feels like a little brother that I forgot I had. Now, I'm Dan King, DK, Danny... But, during these past two years, more has changed than just my name. I'm just a different person.

And, if you think about it, you would notice how you've changed/matured since 2008. We all grow; it's apart of our human development. Physical growth is obviously the most evident, but we sometimes don't notice our own psychological growth. Especially when we reach a certain age, we sometimes think that we have nothing else to learn. However, we know that anyone who thinks like this is clearly mistaken.

Now that I'm a Rhyne, everything seems so much fun. I basically have a new pledgeclass, including student blogger Jake Ezell. I really didn't know him before Sunday, but since talking with him, the kid is funny. The rhyneclass is composed of guys from all over campus, including (I'm sure these are a bunch of guys who you don't know) Brad, PJ Tyson (who is also hilarious), Samer, Will Skertic, and Cliff Kocian... just to name a few.

With rhyneship successfully underway, I think this is shaping to be a pretty good semester.