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January 27, 2009

I'm a Rhyne!

Its funny how we change. Who knew that I would want to join the Sphinx Club one day? Even as I think about it, I'm still startled that I actually decided to go to the call-out meeting. 

As an incoming freshmen, I never saw myself joining this club. It just wasn't who I was. But, honestly, I am not that same kid who came here Fall 2006. I've evolved so much since then, and I'm still evolving now. When I think about it, freshmen year Daniel King feels like a little brother that I forgot I had. Now, I'm Dan King, DK, Danny... But, during these past two years, more has changed than just my name. I'm just a different person.

And, if you think about it, you would notice how you've changed/matured since 2008. We all grow; it's apart of our human development. Physical growth is obviously the most evident, but we sometimes don't notice our own psychological growth. Especially when we reach a certain age, we sometimes think that we have nothing else to learn. However, we know that anyone who thinks like this is clearly mistaken.

Now that I'm a Rhyne, everything seems so much fun. I basically have a new pledgeclass, including student blogger Jake Ezell. I really didn't know him before Sunday, but since talking with him, the kid is funny. The rhyneclass is composed of guys from all over campus, including (I'm sure these are a bunch of guys who you don't know) Brad, PJ Tyson (who is also hilarious), Samer, Will Skertic, and Cliff Kocian... just to name a few.

With rhyneship successfully underway, I think this is shaping to be a pretty good semester.


January 18, 2009

The Wabash Transitional Period

It's funny. I was definitely enrolled in school last semester. I had a full load of classes: Italian 101, Creative Writing, Cross-Cultural Psychology, and Michelangelo. I had assignments, midterms, and finals to take. I got docked points when I missed class; I even got annoyed looks from my professors when I came to class late. So, why is it so hard for me to focus in class these days?

I started classes this past Wednesday, and it has been so difficult for me to sit and pay attention. Before Italy, I never had this problem. I used to go to class and be ready for anything the professor would throw at me. But now, I'm feeling really lazy.

While abroad, I guess class wasn't my first priority. I was more concerned with where Brad and I traveling that weekend. Compared to Wabash, the class work was so much easier and the expectations weren't as stringent. Because of this, I guess I wasn't giving 100%.

Now, its biting me in the butt. My professors are more demanding, and I'm actually trying to demand more from myself. But, like I said, I'm so lazy these days. However, I know I have to snap out of this. My goal is to be initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. 

So, I'm in a transitional period... a Wabash transitional period. I trying to move from being that goofy American student and trying to become a serious student again. It's a pain. I'm asking my self to stay up late and read, write, study demand curves, evaluate psychological theory, and memorize music. There wasn't much of that going on last semester.

But hey, I'm back, and I'm ready to put in the work... I think. 

January 08, 2009

Coming Home

Well, I've been back in America for about 3 weeks now, and I'm still transitioning back to life here. For the first week, my sleeping patterns were slightly off. I would fall asleep about 8 p.m. and I would wake up about 4 a.m. I felt so strange. Honestly, I could not remain awake a minute past 8, and I was consistently waking up at 4. Of course, no one in my home was awake that early in the morning. Even on Facebook, all of my friends were sound asleep in their beds.

It wasn't until New Years that I managed to stay awake until midnight. This year, I traveled to Nashville and saw Ian Starnes, a sophomore here at Wabash. Originally, he lived in Florida, but this Christmas his family moved to Nashville. I was excited because I finally had another Beta who lives in Tennessee. Now, I have an excuse to go to Nashville and hang out. Our countdown to midnight was at a local jazz bar. We welcomed in the New Year swapping stories from last semester with a live band in the background. Ian was the first guy from Wabash I saw since I made my return to America. He told about all the adventures of various Betas this past semester. He was also extremely interested to hear about my time abroad.

Soon after Nashville, I had to pack my bags and return to Indiana. This past Sunday, I made my return to campus. It was weird seeing Wabash again; as I sit here writing, I cant really describe the sensation. It was kinda like last semester was a really vivid dream, and, when I saw the Wabash sign, I was finally waking up. Once I moved in all my stuff, I went to Indy for a couple of days to see Brad. As usual, we watched a movie, insulted each other, and ate some good food.... just like back in Italy.

Now, I'm back at Beta, and I have been catching up with most of the seniors that are here studying for comps. Every now and again, underclassmen will pop up, and we laugh about everything I missed this past semester.  I'm saving all my stories until everyone finally gets here. I don't want to talk about OctoberFest forty different times.