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June 29, 2008

Holiday World!!!

Yesterday was the most fun I've had since I've been in KY. Ironically, all that fun didn't happen in Kentucky at all, but it was in Santa Claus, IN. Yesterday, all the interns in Kentucky and about 7 guys from campus came and spent the day together. It was so much fun just hanging around the guys again for a day. We caught up and told me about all the good stories that I've missed since I left for the summer. They caught me up to speed with some of the candidates for the open Dean of Students position. I caught them up on some of my adventures in Kentucky. But most of all, we just laughed. We laughed all day. We laughed on the roller costers. We laughed on the water slides. It was like we still had been spending all summer together. Not too much changed... and I liked it. So as I start my next set of adventures in Europe, it comforts me that my friends will be waiting to have a laugh when I return to campus.

check out the pictures here

June 26, 2008

Greyhound Buses, Holiday World, and the 4th of July

As previously written, I went home this past weekend, and it was a big deal because I haven't been home since Christmas. I took the Greyhound home to Memphis and it was THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE! It was the first and last time I take a Greyhound. Never again will I set foot in one of those buses; I will rent a car before I ride on it again. First, I arrived at the station to attain my ticket, and the man behind the counter tells me that "they may have overbooked the bus and I may not have a seat on this one. You might have a 4 hour wait till the next bus comes along. You know, Greyhound doesn't gurantee any seating." 

I was shocked. I already bought an early-bird ticket online that was non-refundable. So, I'm stumbled. I dont know what to do. I decide just to sit around and wait for the bus to come. As I sit and wait, I learn that the bus I thought I bought a ticket for is 2 hours behind schedule. I am so frustrated at this point. The ride from Bowling Green to Memphis is only 4 hours, and this was turning into an all day event. 

When the bus finally did come, it was indeed 2 hours late. I was lucky enough to get a seat on it. I thought the drama was over. I was able to get on the bus and go home. But I was wrong. Greyhound hired the rudest man to be a conductor. He was sooooooo rude to me. I asked him was this bus going to Memphis and he refused to answer me straight. I'm not going to print all the derogatory things he said because there may be young children who read this blog. I get on the bus and learn from others that it is common for Greyhound buses to run late all across the country. This is common!

So I decided that I don't see why I should buy a non-refundable ticket for a seat that I am not guranteed to have on a bus that continually runs late. Never again. I got home around 9:30 that night.

Although I hadn't been home in a while, I didn't actually spend a lot of time at my house. An old friend from high school invited me to her house Friday night. I know this irritated my mom, but I literally walked in my house, dropped off my bag, and grabbed the keys and left for my friends. We really didn't get to spend 30 minutes together, but I promised Saturday night belonged to her. I would do whatever she wanted to do. Just not Friday night.

The following morning, I drove to Nashville and back. I had to get my Visa application notarized and the only place to get it done was in Nashville. It was a pretty smooth trip. As promised, that night I stayed at the house with my mom. Just like she wanted.

Overall, it was a decent trip. I got to go to church and see my family and friends. I hope to see them on the 4th of July, but it looks no one will be able to drive and get me. I have already expressed that I will not be taking the Greyhound again.

But I'm not going to worry about it. This weekend is Holiday World with some buddies from campus. I'm not sure who all is coming, but it will be good to see them. I need a dose of Wabash these days.


June 20, 2008

3 days in Memphis

This weekend is exciting because I haven't been home since Christmas. I'm actually going home on business, but it will be nice to see my friends and family. Its now time for me to get my Visa so I can study in Italy. I have to get a special signature on my Visa application before I can even send it in. Being a resident of Tennessee, where do you think I have to go to get this done? 

Not Memphis actually. I have to go to Nashville. Really, I'm just using this trip to Nashville as an excuse to go home. We'll see what the weekend holds.

June 12, 2008

Two Weeks in Bowling Green KY, U.S.A.

My second week in Bowling Green is coming to a close. The best thing about it is that we finally get paid tomorrow. Given, I am saving most of my money for my travels in Europe this fall, but it will still feel good to have some new money in my bank account.... I love the feeling of new money in the morning. You know, right after you wake up and you are aware that your check was deposited into your bank account sometime during the night; its the best feeling.

 My research project is well under-way here. I think it will be really interesting once I get it all done.

On a different note, I still miss campus a lot, but later this month, I will have my dose of Wabash. I convinced the other interns here to take trip to Holiday World. Its an amusement park only like 90 minutes from Bowling Green in lower Indiana. Some guys from campus are going to meet us at the park and we are going to hang out together for that day. I'm so excited: 1) I love amusement parks, 2) I want to see the guys from campus again, 3) I really love amusement parks. Its going to be an awesome weekend.

Also, next week, I am going home for the weekend. I haven't been to my house since Christmas. So, it'll be nice to lay in my bed... if my mom hasn't turned my bedroom into her personal office or anything. I have to go home to obtain my VISA, so I can enter into Italy this fall. To be totally honest, this Visa application is more of a hassle than I think its worth. The Italian Consulate wants so many documents, and the worse part is: I hear they are really slow at actually getting the Visas back to the applicants. I read yesterday that the Boston Italian Consulate had over a month wait list just to get inside the building to submit the application. I'm doing my best to get it done early! 


June 01, 2008

Western Kentucky University

My second internship of the summer is at WKU, and I moved into my room yesterday. Since I've been here, I've noticed just how privileged I am by attending Wabash. For example, I cant even begin to describe the struggle I had just to use the internet. Oh, they have internet connections available in the room, but you need a specialized user name and password just access the internet. Well, of course, I had my special user name and password. But guess where it was? It was on my Wabash email account. So I needed to access the internet to get the stupid ID, but I couldn't log on to the internet without it. See my predicament? I tried explaining my situation over at the idiots in the computer center. However, I feel they were supremely unconcerned with my problem. Anyways, I was finally able to get my ID.

So, after I got my ID, I go to log onto the internet. Well, their network system does this scan of the computer checking for viruses. Apparently, their system thinks my computer is a risk and they gave me only 1 hour access to their internet. I actually have 33 minutes left on this session.

So, within 24-hours, I have developed a true appreciation of Wabash. Even talking with some of the other students from around the country, I see Wabash is one of the best. Not only is internet available to the community on a 24-hour basis, but the Wabash administration trusts the student body a lot more than other larger institutions. 

Oh, I miss it.