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April 24, 2008

And the Sophmore Year Comes to an End...

Well, exam time is here again... another year has gone by. I honestly cant believe I'm a junior in college.

This next week is going to be insane... I have 4 exams back to back. I start Tuesday and I dont finish until Thursday. When I get done with all my tests, I'm gonna throw a party.... I may be the only one there but I'm gonna have me a party.

Soon after my exams, I am going to begin my internship with Dr. Timmerman. We, Dr. Timmerman and Grant Gussman, are researching the Boondocks cartoon in hopes of getting published. So, basically for th 1st four weeks of my summer, I will be watching cartoons by day, and writing a rhetorical analysis by night... sounds fun right.

Then, after that, I will be doing a psychology internship for the next 8 weeks. This isn't my own research, but I am excited because I am going to gain all kinds of valuable research skills this summer.

Overall, my summer is going to be extremely productive. And I think it will lead perfectly to my semester abroad in Italy. As of now, I dont expect to take class too seriously when I'm over there. My first goal is to travel and experience the culture. I want to see all of Europe. Then comes school. Dont get me wrong... I will still do all my work. I'm just not going to stress away the best semester of my college career.

So those are my plans for right now. Research, research some more, and then Italy. Sounds easy enough, right?

April 13, 2008

(no subject)

Sorry for the lack of posts recently. My life has just been unbelievably busy lately. This past week, I was accpeted to study abroad in Italy this fall! I am so excited about studying and traveling in Europe. It will be like nothing I have ever experienced. I dont even know what to expect... probably nothing less than the greatest semester of my college career.

This weekend, I went to IU for the first. It is the big Little 5 bike race. Of course, no one goes for the race, only for the parties. According to the students, Little 5 is basically like an on-campus spring break for them. My time at IU was an eye opener for me. Being at IU was like being at some college created within a television show. What I mean is there were 40,000 kids running around and no seemed to no anybody. I asked a couple students how long does it usually take them to walk to class... they said about 20 minutes. I couldn't believe it. They told me some of their classes had like 400 kids in them... I just couldn't believe it. Then, there were all these rules about having visitors in the dorms. It was crazy. Wabash is nothing like that. It was just so hard to believe.

Then there was Greek row. I don't know if you have ever seen Greek on ABC family, but it was just like that TV show. Each house had their own personalities. There was the jock frat, the party frat, the "hot" boys frat, the Jewish frat, the "hot" girl sorority, the slutty sorority, the fat sorority.... you name it, they have it. Driving down there Greek row was kinda overwhelming... I just tried to imagine me living in one of those labeled fraternities. I imagined the rivalries with other houses... I'm sure they exist. Or, throwing parties with sororities... just living across the street from a sorority house crossed my mind.

IU is definitely different from Wabash, but I'm glad I am here. It seems like you can get swallowed up at IU so easily. You can pass by your 4 years there and never really know the people around you. I feel like at Wabash... you can almost learn everybody's name on campus. This weekend, I learned I would rather have the Wabash experience than the IU experience any day. 

April 05, 2008

It Was A Black Tie Affair

We had our annual big formal last weekend. I must say I had a better time than I did this year than I did last year. Last year, my date was ok, but this year my date was awesome! Her name was Ashley and she is a senior at IU. We have the same sense of humor so we laughed and joked all night long. She was a dancer too. So, when the music started playing, we were the first on the floor. During the night, she requested Michael Jackson "P.Y.T." like 3 times... she was said that was her jam. I'm guessing the other couples, especially the guys were sick to their stomachs of Michael. 

It was a good night... what more can I say?

Please check out some pics here.

April 01, 2008

The Scholarship Luncheon

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to be the keynote student speaker at the luncheon. The luncheon was an opportunity for scholarship donors to meet the students who actually receive the scholarship money. My task was to discuss the importance of scholarship. Well, I wanted to take the next step and discuss what scholarship means to me and other Wabash students. I opened with my own personal account of how I came to Wabash... I wanted to highlight my own trials and struggles of coming to school to really connect with individuals in the audience who may share similar experiences.

I got so much positive feedback from the speech. People are continuously telling me how much they enjoyed the speech. I am so pleased that people liked it. It feels good to know that people appreciated what I have to say. I actually got an e-mail fro a Wabash Alum today saying he was immensely proud of me. Although I don't know him personally, I'm glad that what I had to say touched him.

 I don't know if I will ever have another chance to be invited to give a speech, so I really wanted to make this one meaningful. I think I pulled it off.