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The Other Side of Rush

Who knew that so much work went into Honor Scholarship Weekend?

I don't think you really appreciate all the hours that go into making the weekend a success until the burden of the success is on your shoulders. Well, thank God, I'm not organizing housing or making the schedule's for the 300+ students coming in about 3 weeks. However, I am one of Beta's Rush Chairs this year... and let me tell you, its no walk in the park being a Rush Chair.

I guess its difficult because both the college and the fraternity have expectations for a "good" rush... and you want to meet them both. You want to do this, and organize a fun weekend so prospects will stop by your house. Its difficult to balance.

In my head, I want Honor Scholarship Weekend to be a memorable experience for all the prospects, but I want a highlight of that weekend to be when the prospects stop by Beta. I really want to make an impression on them... but, we'll see what happens. We still have 3 more weeks to go. I have faith that rush will be a success this year... its just all the prep work that might kill me.