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For You Patrick...

As many of you know, Patrick Woehnker died early this morning.

I cannot pretend I'm not shocked and stung by this news. I just cant believe it. I met him on his first day on campus...

It was on Freshman Saturday, and I was Patrick's Orientation Guide. I was suppose to introduce he and his freshmen tutorial class to Wabash. During those first couple of days, I liked him because he was funny and sarcastic... he made me laugh. I took them to do a community service project, and I guess I was cracking the whip on the freshmen. I made sure they were always doing something whether it was painting or picking up the trash. Patrick made sure to criticize me... He made it clear that he thought I was not working hard enough. He tried pushing his paint brush in my hand a couple of times. He really made me laugh.

I cant say I saw him frequently after Freshmen Orientation, but he did come to Beta for a couple of parties. He was here last weekend. It blows me away because I didn't even speak to him. I saw him, but I just didn't get a chance to ask how he was enjoying his freshmen year. I never got to see how he liked his Freshmen Tutorial. I never even got to ask if he enjoyed Wabash after these first 3 months. I hope he liked his time here.

It saddens me so much because he was a normal kid. Who really thinks this could happen to just a regular kid. A kid you may bump into on the mall. A kid you may bump into at a party. A kid you may sit next to in class. Whoever thinks that death can be so close to you.

I'm not sure about the circumstances of his death, but all I know is that he was just like me. Sarcastic. Goofy. And not too sure what he wants to major in.

So, Patrick, I write this for you. I know your family, pledge class, and friends on campus are mourning and missing you right now. I pray you may be at peace. 1