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August 29, 2007

here kitty kitty

I saw something quite unusual yesterday. There has been this black cat lurking on campus since I left for home early this summer. He lurks near the Sparks Center (Cafeteria), the Library, and the MXI. I also wondered who took care of the cat, but apparently the cat has been taking care of himself. For this kitty, lunch yesterday was a baby rabbit. Somehow the cat managed to capture the rabbit from his parents. And I must say, I detected a sense of pride in the cat's strut as he retreated under a tree near the library. I've always known the cats ate mice, but rabbits? I guess they're are rodents too.

However, after watching this cat, I must conclude it is a sadist. Have you ever heard of cats playing with their food? Well, this one seemed to master the art. He refused to put the baby rabbit out of his misery. The cat would let the rabbit loose. He would let the rabbit run away; he actually gave the baby bunny the impression he was free. As soon as this devil cat let the rabbit gain a few feet, he would pounce on the rabbit and drag it back under the tree. The worse of all this is that, I could hear the rabbit scream in pain and/or fear. 

I guess the cat wanted the rabbit's blood warm before he ate him. Poor bunny...

August 26, 2007

My Sunday

Today could not have been any less eventful. First, I woke up after an insane night of partying, but it was nothing special. Saturday night was nothing outside the usual weekend experience here at Wabash. The more singular event of my weekend was the fact I woke up today at 10:00 am. I think that's an accomplishment.
Actually, I take that back… I get some more surprises today.
Today, my roommates played in a golf outing with the rest of the Betas. I don't golf so I chose to remain at the house and do some homework. Because of all my Saturday night debauchery, I chose to take a shower before I did anything. The punchline of this story is here: as I came back to my room to put on clothes, my roommate's mom decides to walk in...
Yep! That's the highlight of my day.... flashing my best friend's mom. You can imagine how the immediate shock and embarrassment of the situation would motivate me to clothe and begin studying right away.
After that awkward sididdy, I studied. It was my goal to read my PSY 201 homework… I had no idea that my reading was going to lull me back to sleep. To stay awake, I went to Subway for lunch. I find studying on a full stomach makes everything easier to focus on.
I came back to read more about Statistics and Baseball… quite the reader, let me tell ya…
Other than that, my day was quite boring… let’s pray I have better luck the rest of this week.

August 22, 2007

a little community service

A couple of days ago, my group did a little service at a Youth House a couple of blocks  from campus. Everything went well... except the raging storm that soaked my group on their walk toward the house. Once there though, my group helped paint and dry wall a house the The First Church of Nazarene plans to use. A took a few photos to highlight their philanthropy. Look at these

August 19, 2007

Good Morning and Welcome to Wabash College!

Freshman Saturday........ ahhhhh, words cannot convey the day. Mother's crying because their babies are leaving the nest, fathers reminiscing about the glory days, and sons trying to shove their parents back in the car so they can hit the road. You notice all these elements of Freshman Saturday when you're not the frosh who rushing to get your parents back in the car.

My day started early. Extra early. 7:00 am. I haven't woken up that early all summer... it sucked. But once my day got going it was. I was the official greeter at the door all morning. There is no telling how many times I said "Welcome to Wabash." I lost count.


After registration was the Ringing. This year it wasn't 152 degrees in the Chapel. And I must say, the experience was more pleasant. I could actually focus on what Pat White was saying this time... although I'm a year late, I feel like his speech still applied to my life at Wabash. Especially his emphasis on communication between people.... Good stuff, Dr. White.

Later, I met my Orientation Group. They're a pretty cool group of guys. I'm actually really looking forward to working with these guys. Tonight, we have dinner with their advisor. Lasagna's on the menu. Hopefully, its good stuff too.

August 16, 2007

Room 205

Its my second year of college and I finally have my first room. Some may wonder where I slept last year... clearly they have never visited Wabash's campus. If they had ever visited, they would know all the freshman fraternity members on campus sleep in the cold dorm. The cold dorm is a large room filled with bunk beds, not unlike barracks. Freshmen are allowed to have a desk, armoir, and dresser in a Brother's room downstairs so they can study and have a place to keep their clothes.

But this year is different. Firstly, I am living with two of my favorite people in the world. I don't think I've ever been with them and not have had a good time. Our living arrangement works out especially because we all share the same major: psychology. We will struggle through PSY 201 and C&T together this semester. 

Secondly, its awesome just to sit in your own room. You sleep here, eat here, watch TV here, etc. I'm so used to hanging out in common areas; it feels awkward to hang out in your on room. But a good awkward.

I love it.


August 07, 2007

The Other Side of Freshman Saturday

I can remember where I was this time last year. Trying to speed up the clocks in the city of Memphis so I could finally make it on campus. I was bustling all over the city collecting pillow cases, toothbrushes, comforters, backpacks, school supplies, and whatever else I thought I might need during my Freshman Year. I was so excited to get away from home, and I had no idea what Wabash had in store for me on Freshman Saturday.

When I finally arrived on campus, I moved into the Beta house. And to tell you the truth, it wasn't all it had been during Honor Scholar Weekend. It was dirty, and the house had a neglected feel to it. Of course, the reason why it was junky was because the Freshmen had not started cleaning yet.

Regardless of all the junk, I moved in. I met upperclassmen who told me I needed to rush to the Chapel so I could be "rung in." No idea what that meant. But still, I ran to the Chapel and joined a queue of other clueless freshmen.

The Chapel was scorching that day. But I sat there and I listened. It was Pat White's first Ringing In ceremony. So I got the impression he had the same mixture of nerves and excitement that I did. Finally, President White picked up the Bell and I was officially a Wabash man.

Afterwards, there were numerous activities initiated by the Sphinx Club and Orientation Leaders. All kinds of talks where we learned about the Gentlemen's Rule and other talks about campus life.

One year later, I am a Orientation Leader. I am the one who will help guide the new guys on the journey at Wabash. 

I'm not sure how I feel. It kind of feels like I am still a freshmen and I have no business trying to offer advice and "Wabash Wisdom" to any new guy on campus. It feels like I am still writing the chapter in my life called, "The Dumb, New Kid on Campus."

But I know that chapter is closed. And I am about to start a new. A chapter that is currently untitled. I guess it will officially begin when I start Orientating next week.

From this past year to now, one thing has stayed the same. I am trying to speed up all the clocks in Memphis so I can make it to campus.