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June 20, 2007

I wonder who got fired today?

As you probably well know, the TKEs are getting a brand new house built for the fall. Maybe what you didn't know, a worker today drove a back-ho into a huge ditch on the TKE site. Just looking at it makes your jaw drop. I hear the worker got out the accident alright. But, I also heard there were men at the site today in khakis and polos in hard hats (presumably the Supervisors of all the construction) with dazed looks on their faces. I hear they looked as though they just found out Christmas would never come again. Can you imagine how much this is going to delay their project? Can you imagine how much extra money this going to cost them? I guess they will be able to work around the ditch, but they are going to have to find a to get the back-ho out of the ditch. My guess is the worker who caused the accident maybe looking a for a new job... at a desk.

June 17, 2007

Only in Indiana...

As I travel through the "exotic" rural community of Indiana, I just see the funniest stuff. I was in White county this past week because I was looking for a lake that had a large African American community around it. I swear I was in the middle of the middle of nowhere. No cell phone signal. Nothing but country music on the radio. You have an idea of where I was. So anyway, I'm driving and I come upon a farmer moving this giant load of hay. Where he was going, I don't know, but I do know that he was going there at 5 miles per hour. I'm saying, I looked out my window and a colony of ants were moving faster than me. The funny thing is... his load of hay was so large that I couldn't go around. It was only like a two lane road. It made me laugh because I never thought I would be stuck in the this kind of traffic. Maybe rush hour traffic in the city, but not because a farmer was transporting his hay. I could have either gotten really pissed that this farmer was obstructing traffic in such a nefarious manner (come on, 5 miles an hour) or just laugh it off and wait till he got to where he was going. I just laughed an waited while Tim McGraw told a story of a lost love on the radio.... I listen to Tim and a couple of his buddies for about 30 minutes.  

June 10, 2007

Home in 3 Weeks

It has been such a long time coming, but I will be going home in 3 weeks. I haven't been back since Christmas, and let me tell you, it is time to take a break from Indiana. I am so tired of the town falling to sleep at 10:00 pm. Do you know I tried to go to KFC the other day and it was closed at 9:30? That is unheard of....it was still light outside! I mean maybe the lobby can close at 9, but not the drive thru. I look forward to going home to Memphis so I can make midnight runs to KFC whenever I feel like it. For the last few nights I wanted to catch a late night showing of Shrek 3 or Mr. Brooks, but late showings in Crawfordsville means 9:30 pm. Thats so sad...

It will be so relaxing to just be home. No school. No work. No worries. I plan to pick up the new Harry Potter book, taking a trip to NYC, and going on a date or two. Those are the blue prints for my summer in Memphis. And the best part about is that I will have a pocket full of money, so I wont need to worry about finding a rinky-dink mall job. Not that I'm anti-American Eagle jobs, I just dont have a need to subject myself to it anymore. So, I'm sure my life will pick up once I get back to the city, but I'm going to try and keep it as "fratty" as possible. 

June 08, 2007


*When did Facebook become MySpace?
*Have you seen the music (iLike)?
*The Top Ten Friends List?
*The gifts and all the other Extra Facebook is doing?
**Did Facebook buy MySpace or something?
*What happen to the days when Facebook just connected you with your old high school friends?
*Facebook was already being too nosy with that mini-feed. But now Facebook wants to be positve your friends can monitor, or more or less stalk, your activity on Facebook.
*BEWARE! The Facebook creators are watching you to discover what the latest and greatest Facebook facelift will be...
*I'm sure the next facelift will be all your "Friends'" cell phones and emails being alerted when someone writes on your wall or comments on your picture... Whats stopping the creators from doing it???

***I'm sorry, but I had to say something... Facebook is truly getting beside itself...