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March 29, 2007


Its Pan-Hell here at Wabash College!

Pan-Hell is an abbreviation for Pan-Hellenic for those who are out of touch with their Ancient Greek History. Pan-Hell is the time at Wabash College where fraternities unite and celebrate brotherhood. The festivities kicked off Tuesday with a Corn Hole Toss. I went over there, but left my camera at the House. However, I did not forget it yesterday. Wednesday, the Fraternities competed in a Keg Toss, which is what you are looking at right now. Basically, the Fraternities pick their strongest Brother to throw an empty Keg as far as he can. Of course, Beta won! Mr. Darryl Kennon took home the Glory for Beta yesterday evening. After that was a Tug-A-War and a bon fire. So, all and all, the evening was a blast. After it got too dark outside, the party actually moved to the basement of our house... and its no telling how long it lasted.


Today's activities include a Twinkie eating contest and the Bed Races. I will let you know how these events turn out later!

March 25, 2007

This Past Weekend

So many things have been going on. Firstly, I finalized my date for the Beta Formal in a few weeks. The Formal is going to be in downtown Indy, and if anything like the Semi-Formal, its going to be tight. My date and I had the opportunity to just sit down and talk late Saturday night.

Which brings me to my next point... The Grateful Delt Party was this past weekend... and it had a Golf theme. The theme was pretty cool because the whether had been warming up. All the guys donned Ralph Lauren Polos, plaid shorts, and some type of sweater. It was like walking into a country club. The party was pretty cool.

It feels like I have to go to bed so soon. Tomorrow I register for classes at 7 a.m. It feels like its gonna take some extra sleep so get me out of bed tomorrow. But I think going to bed early is worth getting the classes I want.

March 21, 2007

Looking Ahead, Again

Today I decided what courses I'm going to take next semester. It looks like I'm going to be a Psychology Major... how cool does that sound? One day, can't you just hear someone calling, "Dr. King, your patient is waiting?" But that many years off. All this is is just square one. I also decided to enroll in an Ancient Greek art and architecture class. I'm really fond of Ancient Greek and Roman art, and hopefully this class will help me decide if I want to study in Europe for a semester... there is always the possibility of Australia.

Also, couple of parties this weekend. Hopefully, they will be fun and I can take some good pictures.

Until next time.

March 18, 2007

Last Night, I Got Hypnotized!

It sounds weird right? I mean, who seriously believes in hypnotism.

Well, for HSW, the college invited a hypnotist/comedian for entertainment. And yours truly was selected to go on stage with several others. It was one of the oddest experiences I have ever had. It was like, I was aware, but I didn't have full control. I dont know how to put it in words. I guess it was a lot like Deja Vu. For instance, he took me on "plane" and I could feel the wind brushing on me. He told me it was 200 degrees, and I started taking off my clothes; he then told me it was -200 degrees and I started cuddling with the guy next to me. And I even had a pet penguin. I honestly cannot remember everything that happen.

Sorry, no photos. While on stage, I was in no condition to take photos. But I think if you check out the site you may find some interesting ones.

March 15, 2007

Honors Scholar Weekend

WOW! I cannot believe its a year later. I remember it all so well. I was really excited to leave because I got to miss 2 days of class to come here. Once here I remember meeting the Brothers, being anxious about the tests, and wondering whether I was good enough to get a bid from a House. Now, on the other side of Honor Scholar, I see just how much work must be done for it to be successful. I am working all kinds of extra hours this week to help out. Beta did an all house clean yesterday to make it spotless for the weekend...well, let me rephrase, the freshman mostly did an all house clean for this weekend. Its going to be interesting to see how prospects respond to the atmosphere of Wabash College. Its their first overnight stay... I was really excited. I hope they will be too.

March 11, 2007

The Tragedy of Coretta Scott King

Since I saw the Kings' Tomb, I have been contemplating the life of Mrs. King. You ever hear the saying, "Beside every great man, stands a great woman?" Well this was who Coretta was. A great woman. A strong woman. She stood beside Martin through the victories to the death threats.She never failed to offer her support nor her presence to her husband. But once he was assassinated, I wonder if she ever questioned what her life would have been if she never married Martin. She was beautiful, and she was a singer. She definitely had that Lena Horne thing going on...When Martin died, he left her penniless; she could not even afford to pay for her husband's funeral. She could never dream of remarrying... I mean Martin was too big. Anyone who dared to look at his widow with a romantic eye would have insulted his memory. Coretta was cursed. Cursed to be alone and wonder about the road not taken. She had a husband who was trying to save the world. He was never home. He was always stressed. Could you imagine the thousands of people who tell her it was a pleasure to hear your husband speak, and secretly, in her heart, she thinks, "I wish I could have heard his voice too?" Can't you imagine what it was like for her in her 70's? She might have said, "I could have gone to Hollywood..." "I could have been with someone ordinary...someone who would still be with me now..."  

March 09, 2007

The Tomb of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and His Wife

On my first day in Atlanta, I had a life changing experience. I saw the tomb of Dr. King. It was this man who sacrificed everything so I could be free. He sacrificed his energy, his money, his family, his everything... Just standing before his resting place did something to me. This was a man who changed the world. This was a great man, a Superman. How can I ever repay him? I owe him and his wife so much. Well, there I decided that his work is not finished. Its up to us to continue working for the betterment of others. Its not about how you spend your six-figure salary to better yourself, but how you use it to better your brother. How are you contributing your time to save somebody? To save society? I asked myself these questions as I stood in the shadow of the greatest man I have ever known. And I vowed, then and there, that I would do my part!

March 05, 2007

The Laugh Factory

On my last night in NYC, I spent it with my big sister. We had an amazing evening. We had to make the most of it because we only see each other twice a year, if even that. We decided to spend our evening at a comedy club called the Laugh Factory. We bought our tickets off a street team member for only $10. The tickets cost $20 at the box office window. However, there was a catch...its always a catch, ain't it? There was a 2 drink minimum. It wasn't that bad, but it kinda sucked I had to buy two drinks before I left the club. We saw 4 comics plus a host... they were all really funny in their own respects. The comics appeared on a variety of networks ranging from MTV to Comedy Central. Overall, the evening was a blast. Best $10 + 2 drinks I've spent in a while...

March 01, 2007

Spring Break Plans

This year, nothing crazy for Spring Break. No Road trip o Florida. No endless MTV parties on the beach. Not this year.

However, I am going on an immersion trip to NYC, Washington DC, and Atlanta. Cost: Absolutely FREE!!! Cant argue with a free trip around the US. In NYC, I plan to kick it with my sister as much as possible. In DC and Atlanta, hopefully I will be able to meet up with some old high school friends.

Next year, my plans are to party like there is no tomorrow in Florida!