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February 26, 2007

A Look Back at the 80's

This past weekend we threw an 80's theme party. Even though I was born in the late eighties, I still participated in the festivities. Though I remember absolutely nothing from the 80's, I was able to use my handy-dandy Google search engine to inspire with ideas. An what an idea it gave me! I went to the party as Steve Urkel.... I got a few compliments on my costume, so I guess it was a success. The only downside to the night was that I had to borrow someone else's shoes. The shoes were too small and my feet were in pain all night. I now know how women feel when they have to wear pumps too small for their feet... not a good feeling. Enjoy the pictures!

February 22, 2007

Go Lovely Rose

As Spring approaches, the Glee Club prepares for its spring tour and annual concert. Its a really exciting time because we learn several new and difficult pieces. The sweat we have invested into the music will be highly evident when we perform. We are singing, what I consider, one of the most beautiful pieces I have ever heard. It is gentle and the melody just floats in the air. It has some of the most amazing chord changes I have ever heard as well. The only problem is that the song is a cappella. It is tricky beacause we, as an ensemble, have to know the music like the back of our hands. If not, the piece will be sung ineffectivly. I say all this because, we spent 30 minutes singing this one song last rehearsal. How exhausting was that? Though I love the song, I wonder if I can devote another 30 minutes to meticulous detail this evening....

February 20, 2007

It was a hotel party...

This past weekend was a fiasco at the Beta house. At about 10 o'clock Saturday morning, the fire alarm goes off. I cannot convey how aggravated I was about something awakening me before noon ...especially something that wasn't my alarm clock. I thought it was just a fire drill so I lazily got out of bed and got dressed. However, when I got to the first floor the sprinklers were going off. I then knew that there a chance my life was in danger.So, I hauled ass. When I got outside, I didn't find that early Spring whether that Tennessee has blessed me with all these years; I was welcomed by snowflakes. As I stand in the snow waiting for the fire truck, I learn that a water main burst. Well that didnt sound good. And it didn't sound too good to the Deans too because they told we could not sleep in our house this past weekend. The upside was that the college rented us hotel rooms for the night. So what were fraternity men suppose to do with an unexpected evening in a hotel... party, of course! And what adventure we had boy. Nothing too bad, of course ;-). The next morning, the manager was so pleased with our behavior she said she was going to write a letter to the college to brag about our good behavior. How awesome was this weekend? I got to party hard, and didnt even have to clean up all the fallout. I just had to clean my own...

February 13, 2007

I'm a 3rd place Champion

I place 3rd in the Baldwin Oratorical competition last night! Its the 133rd year the college has hosted the competition; so it has a loooonnnnngggggg history. I was the youngest finalist, and I was going against some Rhetoric majors and guys who had tons more experience than me. But I just kept a cool head. My goal wasn't really to win; it was just to do my best. So thats how I avoided nerves about whether I won or lost; I just concentrated on giving the best delivery possible. The speeches were over MySpace and Facebook. I honestly took away a lot of knowledge from the entire experience. Listening to those other speeches made me realize that people create alter egos for the virtual social network. I'm even guilty of it. So my new resolution is to when myself off Facebook....We'll see how it goes...

Oh I almost forgot to mention... I am performing in the Student Recital this Friday. It's kinda big cuz I haven't performed on the piano for about a year. I'm jumping back into the business I'm playing George Gershwin's  "Embraceable You".  I hope it goes well...

February 12, 2007

Back to Wabash

Pittsburgh was pretty cool.... although we weren't really in the city, but in a suburb called Moon. So, Moon was pretty cool. I guess the best part was meeting all the different Betas from all across the country. Its really interesting to hear stories from their pledgeship and how they run things. Talking to them made me realize how unique Wabash is. Wabash is one of the few schools where all the Brothers live together in the house; it makes our relationships more personal because if anybody has a problem with some one, they just go down the hall and talk to them about it. A lot of times, other chapters only have 6 Brothers live in the house, and they have to see their other 30 Brothers in between classes. I prefer the Wabash way better.

Also, I am a finalist in the Baldwin Oratorical competition tonight. The contest is concerning Facebook and MySpace, I have been practicing my speech quite a bit so I hope I am well prepared. The top prize is $100. So, I will let you know how I place.


February 08, 2007

On the way to Pittsburgh

This weekend, I am going to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. No it's not another mini-vacation, but it is for my fraternity. There is a leadership conference being held there; so thats pretty much my plans for this weekend. Learning to become a better leader... I'll let you know how that goes.

I was initiated recently as well. I would write about it now, but I am not with my computer so I cant upload all my great photos ;-) However, I promise I will tell all about the day I got initiated very soon.

Until next time. 

February 04, 2007

My weekend in the Big Apple

This weekend I took a trip to NYC to see my sister. She was a character in Broadway's Hairspray Tour, and this weekend was her last show. So to show some brotherly love, I went to see her last performance. And I must say, it was amazing. The show itself is creative, witty, and quite charming. And the cast compliments all these qualities of course. I got to hang out back stage with the cast, and it seems they have really grown close together. I thought it was cool that they could be friends onstage, as well as off stage; I mean, there were no diva-like attitudes and no one seemed to be really arrogant. Also, the cast is absolutely hilarious! They had the soundtrack to Dreamgirls, and I think they did every number from the movie. Although it much was improvised, they still did the dance moves and songs just like the characters in the movie. It was so funny to watch.

I also went to the Manhattan Mall and did a number in Express for Men. I didn't spend that much, but it was fun shopping somewhere other than Wal-Mart. I also got to hang out with my sister's family. She is married and has a 2-year-old son. My nephew is so funny...he's so dramatic about everything that happ happens to him. It's funny...my sister tells me I was like that when I was little too... I dont know if I can believe her though.

More pics