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December 30, 2006

Christmas 2006

My family decided to be a little lazy during Christmas this year...you can see the 2 foot Christmas tree they decided to put up! But thats ok. It was just nice being back home with the family. Our dinner this year was a bit more exotic; we had lamb and a fried hen... they dont really seem as though they go together, but it was still a good meal. We ended up playing Scrabble and other games for about 3 hours straight... always a good time.



I was told my Christmas present was receiving my books for next semester...cant realy argue there. But other people got some nice gifts... my aunt got this digital camera printer, so we ended up having this photo shoot after Christmas dinner. And my younger sister got like a digital camera/ mp3 player thing, but I'm not sure she has figured out how to use it.

Since Christmas, I have visited some old friends. We had lots to catch-up on, and everyone seems most interested in my life in the Fraternity House...

I have also been to see Dreamgirls at the movies. I had to check it out because of all the hype... it won 5 Golden Globe nominations. And I must say it deserved all of them. Next, I want to check out the Pursuit of Happyness before I leave town.

Other than that my life has been pretty quiet. I've been to a few parties and to the mall, a bit more-than-necessary I might add.


December 21, 2006

Back to Memphis

Well, I'm back. Back home again.

Its still weird being home. You live at a place for 6 or 7 years then one day you leave for 3 months. When you return you know you belong there, but you cant help but feeling out of place. Not that I'm saying I am not glad to be back home, but it is awkward.

Lately, I have been meeting up with some old friends; we have had so much to catch up on. I have been passing out Christmas gifts...its always a good feeling to make someone else smile.

Right now, I am in cleaning mode...I want to try to clean my whole house before I leave. Well, that the ultimate goal anyway...

I saw my grades today...All A's and B. So I am pretty satisfied with my first semester. Hopefully the next one will be just as great.

December 14, 2006

A Reflection......


Where does 4 months go that fast? I guess it goes toward the growth and development of a young man. But how vividly I remember when my mom dropped me off 14 weeks ago...

I had on a orange and blue Polo shirt and khaki shorts... I was a bit shorter than I was now (and probably weighed less) I really dont have words to convey how apprehensive I was to start my own life... anxious to do things on my own....but little did I know, I had a family here before I even realized it. You know who you are. All 12 of you. We did everything together and I dont think things will change in the future...

This semester has gone by in such a haze...From when we went to that huge mall in Indy, to Owen's Delt Run, to Homecoming, to going to his funeral, to riding on the bus for the first time,to my first Glee Club concert, to painting the bench, to going to Columbus, Ohio, to the Halloween festivites, to those damn Mohawks, to winning the Bell, to the end of pledgeship......... 

And thats all the social stuff... I havent even talked about my classes. I had this fear that I wasn't prepared enough for the college workload....how wrong was I? Through all my apprehension, I overworked in every class worried for fear that I was being left behind, but a lot of times I was leading the class.

Yeah. I have to say I loved my first semester, but now its time to say goodbye. Its time to go to Memphis, and see those who care for me most.... later

Happy Holidays Folks!


December 11, 2006

Beta Beards

In the midst of all the stress and worry finals bring, Beta Theta Pi has attempted to take off the edge for their freshman. For the last three weeks, all the freshman have been growing out their facial hair. Yesterday, the Betas so kindly shaved funny shapes and designs on our faces to make us laugh a bit during finals. Even if one couldn't grow facial hair, they found an appropriate substitute. Hope they make you laugh.


December 06, 2006


You know, I like how Wabash has its exam schedule set up. Classes end on Friday, and you just go to your exam next week. If you are lucky, you can take your exams at the beginning of the week, and you're finished.

Unfortunately for me, I have to take the last exam of the day on Friday.... how much does that suck??????????????????

But on the brighter side, it gives me all this week and next week to be prepared for it. So hopefully my grade will be good.

Also, I have been receiving some papers and my grades seem to be getting higher. I guess that means I am becoming a better writer.

Well, that was one of my major goals for this semester, and I am glad to see I made some progress. Of course, I think there is room for improvement, but I think I am well on my way from good writing to great writing. 

December 03, 2006

The Beta Soiree

This weekend, I attended a semi-formal party. Now semi-formal have been my favorite types of parties since 10th grade. Why?

Well, every teen in Memphis parties. Semi-formals are not like Prom where people are too afraid to dance because their dress is too expensive and they dont want to mess it up. And semi-formals are not like house parties where anybody can walk off the street and mess up a fun night. Yes, semi-formals are those parties that weed out the ignorant public and invite people who want to dress nice, but not too nice that they are afraid to dance. Semi-formal parties seem to have a certain air about them.

Last night was a landmark for me because I had a blind date to a semi-formal. It could have been an awful evening, but it was the most fun I have had all semester. Me and my date got along great, and we have so much in common. Also, she was a dance; so we were making the dance floor our own that night.

It was just a genuinely fun evening.

December 01, 2006

Mr. Speech-Giving Man

Ironically, I have given two speeches in the last two days.

The first one was planned, and I have been working on it about two weeks. It was for my Rhetoric 101 class, and I must say that it went over well. It concerned Wilma Flintstone and how she was oppressed by Fred year after year.... mmmh, its kinda funny when I read it on here.

The next speech was more impromptu. And I wrote it in like one day, but it went over well in class too. I compared how Whitney Houston and John Legend handled fame. We all know Whitney is on crack, but how many of us have asked why? We know John leads a quiet life, but how many of us have asked how he does it?

My other grades are good too. Just made a 91 on my last French test. I guess I've come a long since those first few weeks, but I still feel I have sooo much further to go. Also, I have a vocal recital on Monday. I am singing in German, Italian, and English...and I hope I am pretty prepared for it. I must say, learning to sing German was one of the toughest things I did this semester.

Whoooo. When I get through all this, I still have exams to study for.