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October 29, 2006


Halloween Weekend was sooooo eventful. The day started with an intense football game against Wooster. It was pertinent for Wabash to win so we could battle for NCAC Conference title. We started off bad...we let Wooster intercept the ball and score with like the first four minutes of the game. After that blow, I have to be honest....I thought we were going to lose. But like the chant says, "Wabash Always Fights!" And yesterday it was true. Wabash indeed fought and triumphed over Wooster 20-10.

 More Halloween fun here.

Next was my Glee Club performance for family day. The concert was great, but what really made my night was when my pledge brothers showed up with my initials painted on their chests. They kept flashing me while I was on stage, and I had a difficult time staying focused. But it was a hell of a laugh.

Finally, Beta through a Halloween party. Once again, the campus looked uncannily coed because I think it was 3:1 girl-guy ratio in the house. It was definitely a good night, and a costume party too. So here are some pics of the characters that made an appearance in Crawfordsville last night.




October 26, 2006


Pledging a fraternity sucks...No, let me correct myself it. It sucks ass. But its all worth it in the long run. I have made friends that will probably be the best men in my wedding...thats how close we are.

But the process of initiation is so tedious. One thing we have to do is set up lunch and dinner; its called Crew. So, we pledges hated crew until fairly recently.

What changed? Our attitudes about the whole situation. We just decided to have fun when we do crew. It sounds like a simple solution, right? But let me assure you, it is nothing simple about realizing you have to make the best of pledgeship when you are a pledge.

So here is a snapshot of new attitude toward things around here:

October 25, 2006


So the critics have apparently given me a break; they really like something I wrote. I have finally written something inspired!

Its ironic that my critics are giving me praise for an inspired piece that was actually a harsh criticism of a once-famous female celebrity; but, I guess when its good, its Good. I have to admit that it is unbelievably satisfying when someone appreciates your work...I guess thats what its all about in the end. Appreciation.

But, once I consider this notion that if I write only to feel appreciated ultimately it will dictate the way I feel toward my work. Meaning if I write an essay, the only way I can feel good about my essay is if someone compliments it. That's not how it should be. I need to write because its where I find my joy. Its where I feel most comfortable, but not so comfortable I do not want to perfect my craft.

Thus, I decided, if I want to be good at this, I need to practice. I need to be involved. I need to quit sitting on the opinions of professors and friends; I need to see how the public will respond. So, I am seriously considering applying for a job with the Bachelor, the Wabash newspaper, next semester. Usually, I have been against writing for a paper because I sense there is so much stress that is involved in being a professional writer, but, who knows? This may be a career choice.



October 24, 2006


This week was Walk-Out for the Beta Pledges, and I have to tell you, it was the most fun I have had all semester. Pledging is such a challenge here at Wabash because you do everything with your pledge class:live with them, eat with them, study with them, shower with them, go to class with them. Then, as a pledge, you also have this responsibility to the house: keep it clean, respect brothers, etc., etc.....you know the drill.

But not this week. One week during pledgeship, pledges are allowed to "screw over" the house and leave. No more cleaning, no wake-up calls, no more talking to the brothers. We just leave. Well, its not quite that simple...

We had to sneak out at about 2 a.m. because you better believe the brothers didn't fancy us leaving. They tried to stop a couple of us as we left, but by the grace of God they escaped. Still, once out the House, brothers can still "kidnap" the pledges and bring them back to the house to hold for ransom until the other pledge brothers can buy them back.

A few of us were kidnapped but we immediately devised a way to buy them back. Usually we presented the Brothers with a bowl of blue M&M's or a bowl of red Skittles and they gave us our pledge brother back.

But after all the ransoming business, this was the best week for our pledge class. We had sooo much fun on our own terms. We were able to talk and joke around without the fear of someone breathing down our necks. We able to just sit down and TV or talk to our girlfriends for 4 hours straight.

But most importantly we got to know each more personally. I mean, we will be living with each other for the next 4 years so we needed to really get to know each other. And I think it was a success.

It has definitely been the most fun I have had these last past two months. I kinda wish we could do it again.

October 21, 2006

What's in a moment in time?

So, this week I learned that there is an art to being tactful.

I found myself pissed off at a lot of my friends this week for making poor decisions. They made bad decisions for themselves and some decisions that affected me. Now, I am not one to tolerate someone holding me back due to their poor judgment. Usually, when this occurs I kind of "attack" them with my words...but I don't know if thats a good way to say it. My words are truthful. My words are indeed aggressive, but they do harm other's self-esteem or feelings about themselves. They do however guilt others into making better decisions in the future. 

Anyways, this week, I learned that this may not be the best way to handle things. I have to be more prudent when I am in situations as these. I realize now when I am pissed, I can't let my emotions let me fly off the handle and attack my offender. I came to this conclusion because it seems to push people away from me and the problem isn't necessarily resolved.

I know now there are certain moments when words will be most effective. There has to be a certain tone of voice that is sincere and gentle. Though the situation maybe serious, the situation calls for tact.

So from now on when I am pissed at off at my PB's, I can't just go off and tell them what they did wrong. But I have to wait and come to them so they don't feel attacked, and they will be more receptive. It sounds really simple doesn't it, but I bet you are guilty of letting your emotions blind you at times too.

Indeed, there is a season for everything...I just figured out the most effective season to get my point across to those who want to hear it least.



October 19, 2006

What's in a name?

My time here at Wabash has been a lot of fun, but an interesting thing I have come to realize is what people call me. Usually back home people call me Daniel. Not so here

I am known as: "Danny," "Dan-Man," "Leland," "King," "DK," "Danimal (Yep, like the yogurt)," or just plain old "Dan."

I honestly may have heard someone call me "Daniel" two or three times in the last two months.

It doesnt bother me at all. I just find it kinda funny once I move to a different region, I get a different name.


October 17, 2006

What's in a sentence?

I write a lot here at Wabash. Probably more here than all of my high school career combined.

But I'm not complaining; I like to write. I'm even considering becoming a comedic writer after college, but this blog is not concerning my future ambitions.

I have been deliberating what it takes to be a good writer because apparently I am not. It seems that my work lacks an essential eclat that would make my pieces jump out. However, I cannot fathom what it is.

It is my philosophy that the reader is most concerned with what is not on the page, but what is beneath the page. What message am I trying to convey and how am I conveying it? It it witty? Shocking? Provocative? Intriguing? Illuminating? Why did I, the writer, spend my time forming these thoughts and meshing these words together to spark interest in the mind of you, the reader.

Even with these thoughts, apparently I am not a good writer. Or maybe its just the opinion of those around me...but thats a different blog.

October 16, 2006

Fall Break

Sorry Public for my mini-hiatus. I had the pleasure of taking a vacation and sad to say, my laptop did not come with me. Well, vacation is a bit strong of a word, but I did get off campus for four days to go to LaFayette.

I stayed with my buddy Nate, and we did what we do best: sleep. I reckon we averaged 13 hours a sleep each day on break...not to insinuate that it was much needed, cuz it was! But we did do things other than sleep...we played some Nintendo, I mean the classic one, like the one that came out in 1982...we played some tennis...and we went to the mall, which I think I may have been going through a type of withdrawal or something because I haven't been to a mall to burn my hard earned cash in a while.

Other than that I cannot complain. Life is good....

Although I haven't received my grades yet, I still expect that I have done well in my classes...so hopefully, Fall Break was a set-up for a good week.

October 08, 2006

The Real Homecoming Weekend Pt. 2

Homecoming has come and gone....

Thank God!!!

It was one of the most stressful weeks here because the freshman didnt sleep. And for good reason too seeing is how we had to build a 25-foot Wally Wabash. But not only did we have to make Wally, we wanted to be creative. So we decided to make a guillotine to cut off the head of an alligator, which is the mascot for the opposing team at homecoming this year, Allegheny.

It took us so much wood and time and paint and time and stress and time. I probably averaged four hours a night last week of sleep. That's twenty hours divided among class, homework, glee club, tennis, Chapel Sing practice, and Wally.

In other news, our Homecoming Queen was exactly what I told you it would be- a hot mess.  We created one of the most ugliest creature we could...Oh, he was not a cute girl. I think that owes to that fact that Brian is so hairy.

We did however place fourth overall in homecoming...our placing was due to some technicalities I wish not to speak about. We are still #1 in my eyes.

I also had three homecoming performances with the Glee Club yesterday so my voice is thoroughly exhausted especially after Chapel Sing. But I have to admit it was good getting back on stage, even though I have to share the limelight now. But thats another story.

Well thats all for my freshman homecoming...there are a ton of pics. Feel free to view them all.


October 06, 2006

The Real Homecoming Weekend Pt. 1

So Homecoming got kicked off yesterday with the infamous Chapel Sing. And truth be told, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Sure, I camped out at the Chapel the night previous to it. Sure I started singing the song beginning at 7 a.m. that morning till about 12:05 pm. Sure, I lost my voice. But I guess it was worth it because my pledge class and I are much closer now. I tell you what a night sleeping out on the pavement in 45 degree weather will do for friendship.

My team placed 5th during Chapel Sing. Even though its not first place, we still had a great sense of pride about how well we did. On the other hand, it comforts us because we are almost certain to win all the other competitions this weekend....

I dont have any pictures of Chapel Sing for you because I was a participant in it. But the school's web site has plenty for those who are curious about our curious traditions at Wabash. If you look hard enough, you might find yours truly...

October 02, 2006

The Pre-Homecoming-Weekend Weekend

So this week is finally Homecoming. Its suppose to be a culmination of Wabash tradition wrapped into one sweet week. So there will be plenty to talk about when the week is done.

But before Homecoming, me and the boys went out this past weekend to eat at my twin's house (We got out to eat somewhere every Friday.) But this weekend...we basically did nothing.... which is actually doing a whole lot for us because we are always so busy. It was nice to play pool and play with the basketball.

Even more exciting, Froedge's mom made this dish called Rotelle Dip. I was so shocked; I ate it all the time at home, but I did not expect to eat this past weekend. And the thing about... it was sooo good. It tasted like my friend Ashlei made it; and she can cook some Rotelle.

I pleased to let you know Mom that people outside of Memphis can cook too...

Click here for more pics.