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September 29, 2006

There may be hope for me yet...

I took my first French Test this week...

It wasnt as bad as it could have been. I passed. I passed fairly well actually. Let's just say I passed with an A. My other grades are generally high as well. I've only made on B+ and that was on a paper; I thought the paper was perfect, but who am I to argue with a professor with a ph.D

Life is good right now...but Homecoming is next week. It could be fun. It could be hell. Not really sure yet.

One thing to laugh about though is the Homecoming Queen. Of course, Wabash College doesnt have any women, so the Freshmen elect one young man from each living unit to run for Homecoming Queen. Yours truly did not think he was worthy of this distinct honor, but Brian Schuster was elected from our house.

We can't decide if we're going to make him really ugly or as pretty as a guy like Schuster can get. He'll most likely be hideous.

I dont have a picture of Schuster to post now, but as you will see, it won't take us very long to make him look like the Wicked Witch of the West. (j/k Brian)

September 26, 2006

Did you know I have a twin?

Being in college, I knew I would meet new people.

I had no idea I would meet myself.

Meet Justin Froedge. We act so much alike its ridiculous sometimes. We both have this acerbic wit and are sarcastic; no scratch that acerbic wit part, we are down right rude sometimes.

Now dont get us wrong, its not like we are mean or anything. Its just we tell the truth and sometimes, well a lot of times, the truth hurts.

But those are our faults; we both have big hearts. I've never seen him not lend a helping hand, and you of course know I am one of the most benevolent creatures on this earth. We are both extremely intelligent and use a sophisticated vocabulary. I use it more than he does, but I definitely know he has it.

The only thing is we are not identical twins; I don't even know if we constitute as fraternal. Maybe its just we have identical personalities. Whatever the case maybe, there is never a dull moment between us.

Note- how we both squint our eyes when we have to wake up at the crack of dawn to go to a football game...its like we're the same person sometimes.

Top Notch Security


Sorry I have been so quiet the last couple of days. I slammed my left hand in a door so I really didnt feel like typing.

So, now that you know I wasn't neglecting you...let's get down to business.

My house held this huge party this weekend, and of course freshman had to work security. My job was to be a "bouncer" at the door; if you weren't on "the list," you weren't suppose to get in. So, of course, we had a crowd of people trying to sneak in.

I have a new respect for Bouncers that work at like the Spyder Club or Club 112. You really dont want to turn people away, but you dont really have a choice.

So we had guys who wanted to get in just because they had a name around campus...yep, you know those. We had guys who wanted to get in just because their girlfriends were in the party...yep, you know those too. We had guys who wanted to get in because supposedly we misspelled his name on the list...yep, I know you know those.

My kind response to these gentlemen were, "Sorry, if you're name isn't on the list, you are simply going to find something else to do tonight. I mean, McDonald's is open twenty-four hours...feel free to go buy yourself a midnight snack and go back to your dorm and watch movie. Or if you really want to be here, you can go stand on top of your car and peak inside a window. I mean, the music is loud enough for you to dance. Maybe you can catch some cute girl's eye from twenty feet away. Other than that, I need you to move the hell out of the way cuz you are blocking my line!"

September 20, 2006

The Bus (Pt. 2)

Well, finally they are here- the pics of our pimped out bus.

I waited for today because it is an auspicious day to reveal the history of how one of my best friends acquired this bus.

William Hoffman, Class President at Cathedral in Indianapolis, wanted his Senior Year to be special. No he wanted it to be monumental. No he wanted it to be a landmark in Cathedral High's history. So he turned to his best friend Schmitty for advice. Will asked him how could he, as President, do something so exceptional that it would be remembered for years. Schmitty told him to buy a bus. A bus to tailgate to football games. A bus to haul all students to away games. A bus to unite their Senior Class. Shocked, Will considered his suggestion. That night he went on Ebay and bought it. By that Monday morning, Will had the bus on Cathedral's campus.

By that Tuesday, Schmitty had died.

Anger and grief consumed the student body, but Will, being the leader he is, stepped up and united the his school around the bus. Thus, that's why you see the hand prints all around the sides of the bus and why there are signatures on the ceiling. They were done for his memory.

So this blog is a shout-out to you Will, because I know how hard today is for you. But it also dedicated to you Schmitty, because I know how much you meant to my buddy.

For more pics click here.

September 19, 2006

I Got a Virus

So world...my life has slowed down since I got sick two days ago. I have basically been sleeping so I dont have too much to report.

A notable thing is that I havent spoken for two days. Have you ever thought how weird it would be not to hear your own voice for 48 hours?

I would post a picture of me right now, but I dont expect you to want to see my runny nose and puffy eyes.

I promise you pics of the bus the next time I post and expect a good post this weekend because its a huge party taking place this weekend. I will be sure to give you details on the inevitable drama....


September 15, 2006

My First Delt Run

If I havent made it clear before, Wabash is full of tradition.

Today, our blog is going to concern the tradition of the "Delt Run."

Traditionally, when a brother of Beta Theta Pi turns 21, all the Betas during lunch take the newly 21-year-old to the Delta Tau Delta House. Here, the 21- year-old has the challenge of being attacked with food by all the Delt Pledges. Once covered in all the food and debris, the Beta tries to take revenge on the Delt Pledges by going inside their house and messing up their furniture with all the "gunk" that saturates the 21-year-old Beta. This gunk may inclde, but is not limited to: ketchup, mustard, pickles, BBQ sauce, mayo, bread, syrup, horse radish, etc. etc.

Now, as hard as it might seem...Its a fun tradition! It actually shows unity between the two fraternity houses because they coming together on one accord. And most of the time, the 21-year-old is laughing his head off because he has not had this kind of grimy fun since he was a boy.


Yesterday's Delt Run was the President of Beta Theta Pi. Here are a few snapshots of his 21 birthday...


You know, I want to take something back....It may not have been fun for him, but I sure got a lot of laughs...

September 12, 2006

Chapel Sing

So, one of the oldest traditions at Wabash is Chapel Sing...its a day where freshmen all dress in white tee-shirts and jeans, and "sing" the school fight song for literally an hour straight. Well, the pledge class or independent class who sings the best wins the honor for their living unit.

So, you ponder..."Well, that doesn't sound too bad...simply singing a song for an hour...thats easy."

Well, today's blog is meant to enlighten those who seem to want to give into the fallacy that Chapel Sing is easy.

My first criticism- It is absolutely ironic they still call this tradition Chapel Sing, but honestly it is void of any musicality. More appropriately, it should be re-christened Chapel Scream. Freshmen literally stand there and scream our 8 minute school song to withstand all the "distractions" that arise sporadically through the hour. These distractions may include, but are not limited too, having upperclassmen scream in your ear, having smoke blown in your face, and the occasional nudist that presents himself to make you laugh. But through all the "distractions," Freshmen are expected to maintain their composure and keep "singing" our fight song, Old Wabash, under any situation that may include, but is not limited to, chaos, pandemonium, and discord.    

Now, as a vocalist, I'm not even going to begin on the damages done to my voice, but as a performer, let me acknowledge this is not like any performance I have ever given. Usually my audience is captivated by words, not trying to drown them out with old Barney songs (Yep, I'm referring to that pedophile of a purple dinosaur) and other Mother Goose nursery rhymes.

Concentration is key on this day. I will be sure to write about how the actual day goes...its not for a few weeks. My thoughts now are based upon the rehearsals I have been having within my frat house...I wonder what I will have to say after the actual thing? 



PS- I havent forgotten about the pics for the bus. It has been raining here lately and she deserves to shine for the camera in the sunlight like the gem she is...or the gem she is going to be....

September 11, 2006

The Bus

So this weekend was eventful...

A really good friend of mine, Will Hoffman, happens to own a school bus. Yep, you read correctly, a bus! He came into possession of it through serendipitous events during his Senior Year in high school. But its not an ordinary bus....this bus is soo pimped out. It's carpeted, has  two couches, a mini-fridge, a tv, and is decked out with Christmas lights. I dont think Pimp My Ride has ever seen a school bus tricked out like this...

Well, anyways, he had been trying to sell the bus on Ebay for some time, but it never sold. So now, the Beta pledge class 2010 has "reluctantly" taken it off his hands. How many pledge classes have a bus?!?!

This weekend we drove up to Indy to pick it up. It was such a sight when we first saw. I guess our first emotion was awe that he owned such a vehicle. I guess the second emotion was somewhere between in exceitment and euphoria because we know that some of our best time will be on the bus in the next four year.

Ideas for the bus- partying on the bus, tailgating on the bus, studying on the bus, taking dates out on the bus, hiding on the bus....

We have so many plans for her...

PS- I'll post some pics of the bus later...I have class in like 20 minutes.

September 06, 2006

Life got tough 'round here real quick....

I have a new found respect for college students...

Always when I was in high school I would hear college students say, "College is tough. Its so much more difficult than just going high school everyday..."

Of course, I was slightly affronted by these words because I guess I was an over-achiever in high school and I certainly did not appreciate someone diminishing the hard work I had done in class. 

But truth be told, those college students were right...I now, more-so-than-ever, understand the meaning of the word fatigue. There is never enough time in the day it seems. I just wanna know where all the hours go. 

Like my buddy Jon said, "If I'm not sleeping, I'm dreaming of sleep..." And if I'm not wishing I'm sleep, I'm probably working on my less-than-perfect French.

I guess thats enough for now,


ps- I start having French tutorials tomorrow. Dont jump out of your seats in joy for me just yet...the French tutor supposedly speaks so fluently and rapidly it makes you feels as if you having a lesson at the Tower of Babel instead of a quiet study room.

Lucky me...

September 03, 2006

The First Beta Party

This weekend was my first party at Wabash....

MY GOD.....

I dont think my words could sufficiently convey what happen here last night.....

Pictures might, but of course I wouldnt do that to the brothers....

For me to attend an all male school, it looked ridiculously co-ed last night. I think I will just leave it at that.

I'm simply guessing last night will foreshadow the rest of the year...and one hell of a year its gonna be.

ps- if u seriously are curious about Beta's first party, check me out on Facebook....you'll find the proof you need....