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August 29, 2006

Love Hurts.....So What??

My study of the philosophy of friendship at Wabash College has totally transcended platonic relationships. The study moved into friendships of parents and children, friendships of superiors, and friendships of lovers. Today, this bog is going to concern the relationships of lovers.

To give you a little backstory of why love is currently on my spirit….an old ex-girlfriend recently contacted me on Facebook talking some of this and some of that. Well, we know her words are worth just about as much as they were worth when we dated….. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!


So I ask myself, “Why did our relationship fail?”  Hell, I wish I could ask you too. But I think I may have found an answer in my new best-friend, Aristotle. (He seems to have answers to a lot of question….)

“Hence a lover sometimes appears ridiculous, when he expects to be loved in the same way as he loves; that would presumably be a proper expectation if he were lovable in the same way, but it is ridiculous when he is not.”

FINALLY, SOME ANSWERS! Ain't it ironic how no man or woman today could explain the essence of love to me, but a thousand year old philosopher can answer a teenagers’ questions about the unexplainable?

So clearly, Love is supposed to reciprocate. Love is only tender when it is given at both ends. It only becomes ridiculous when one party loves harder. It only becomes painful when one party cares more.

So why did my and She-who-must-not-be-named relationship fail. Obviously because one party loved stronger than the other. Thus, came the pain; thus came the end.

Yep, I can see now my new best friend Aristotle is going to be answering a lot of questions for me this year. But he also kind of encouraged me not to give up on love itself. Because, if he can write so passionately about the mere concept of it….it as to exist right??

I guess he’s kind of cool for a dead guy…..

August 28, 2006

I think I may be retarded...

So my first couple of days of classes..... 

Well, first there is my freshman tutorial concerning the performing arts. That is actually going fairly well. I fully expect to excel in all areas of that course.

Also other courses I think I will excel in are Public Speaking 101 and Perspective on Friendship. I seem to grasp the concepts fairly easily and the work load hasn't gotten intense...yet. 

But the problem lies when I try study outside the English language. This French 101 class may fairly well be the end of me. In all my years of schooling I have never had trouble retaining information. If the assignment was presented to me, I could study it and make an A on any quiz or test. But I cant figure out how to study this French! I mean sure I have the vocabulary words printed in a book in front of me, but that does not help me when Monsieur Thomas expects me to respond the to his question in class in French. There are no phonetics in the book so I am never sure if I am pronouncing the words correctly, and furthermore, speaking French is opposite from reading it because you have to slur together certain letters. How am I suppose to survive this when I am clueless....

Oh, woe is me...

August 23, 2006

So you think you wanna join a fraternity, huh?

Could you imagine being the subject of the wills of 40 other guys you live with? Could you imagine being the subject of their rules? Could you imagine being the subject of their ridicule just for being a freshman? Could you imagine those guys making you learn hundreds of pages of fraternity history and wondering will it ever pertain to you? (i.e.- the guys in the pic above make all the rules) 


But could you also imagine walking into this room and seeing all these bunks and knowing they were going to be filled with your new best friends? Could you imagine having a friend so close to you who will pull you through your biology homework because you decided to skip class that day? Could you imagine having a friend so close who will clean the vomit off you when you have too much to drink? Could you imagine having a friend giving you a ride and buying you something to eat when you're broke?


The fraternity system at Wabash offers something to the freshman that maybe away from home for the first time. It offers a sense of family because you know that your "brother" will take care of you. There is never a moment to be lonely or a moment to be upset. Because I gurantee by the time you make it to your room to wallow in self-pity, you bump into 20 guys on the way to your room who will ask you how your day is going.


All people at Wabash have a concern for you, but fraternity brothers care the most. They take a certain scrutiny into your life to make sure everything is in order....and they certainly make sure you have one hell of a year at Wabash!

August 22, 2006

I'm on my own....FINALLY!!!!!

It seems that Freshman Saturday was such a loooonnnngggggg time coming. I have to admit the anxiety was getting to me the last week of my summer break. But I can honestly say I am here and would rather not be anywhere else. Campus life is exactly what I want it to be....free from the scrunity of family and a chance to live for myself and by myself. 

So far Wabash has a had a full schedule for all the freshman. Testing every two hours, meeting advisors, educating us on the true foundations of being a gentleman, and sending us of community service missions. 

Yea, so far campus has been exactly what I wanted it to be...FREE FROM PEOPLE TELLING ME WHAT TO DO AND WHERE TO GO........well it hasnt exactly been like that!! lol :-)

But nevertheless it is good to be out of the house.

August 09, 2006

Learned About Wabash During a High School Visit

Whats Up, Internet Readers.....My name is Daniel King and I come from Memphis, TN. I actually came across Wabash College by total mistake! I was blowing off 3rd period in my high school counselor's office trying to get an SAT packet when I met Mike Reidy who introduced me to this charming and exciting campus. I guess it was the best mistake of my high school career because I definitely KNOW this is where I want to be!!!

A little about me....Well, I graduated top of my Class from a performing arts High School playing classical piano for 4 years strong. So, I've had tons of experience on stage and I have stressed away chunks of my teenage years at my piano frustrating myself until I achieved excellence. But playing piano is not all to me; I love to sing, and I have taken a recent interest in musicals. I think they are fun and they challenge me as a performer because it requires more discipline than just me playing by myself (I actually have to be aware of others on stage.) Also, I recently started playing tennis...which is a truly demanding because the average temperature in Memphis is over a 100 degrees and I usually have to play outside.

At Wabash, I know I will participate in the Glee Club ... it has been around over a hundred years, so I am kinda drawn to it for some reason. As for sports, because the campus is full of jocks, I think I will stay within the intramural realm. Tennis is a definite ... of course, Basketball ... and something different. Maybe even Rugby ... maybe its a position for little guys who can just throw the ball to group the group of guys before they swarm on you (LOL). On the flip side of things, I definitely want to keep my spirituality in balance while I'm away so I want to join Wabash Christian Club. I have to maintain myself if I'm going to live in a new state, right?

Well, dont want to bore u too much ... I'm sure we'll be talking again very soon.