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A Wally Odyssey

Chris Serak and Will Arvin - Our trip began at 10:00 am on Monday, May 7 in front of the Pioneer Chapel. From here we made our way east to the Indianapolis International Airport to embark on what would prove to be an exhausting series of plane rides, luggage hauling and bus transfers. The beef of this journey was the second leg, which had us on an 8-hour plane ride to Milan. Needless to say, this was a bit trying as we left Monday morning and watched the sun rise over the Alps as we approached our intermediate destination. Sleep was a commodity that little possessed.

Finally transatlantic, our first priority was Italian cappuccino. In ordering this essential, Jeff inadvertently learned the Italian word for two, and was out few extra euros; while Larry Joe struggled to grasp the language and proved entertainment for the queued natives. After the caffeine infiltrated our blood stream, spirits were high and our final destination seemed close.

Two hours later we reached Naples were a bus was waiting. The Polizia, however, took pleasure in forcing our driver into several different loading zones before we finally boarded. After about 20 minutes of Neapolitan bureaucracy, we discovered the chaos that is navigating the noisy, congested streets, streets that took courage and a sort of, “walking like you mean it” to traverse.

We finally arrived in Pompeii an hour later, and were comfortable in our hotel by 4 pm. Following an hour of cleaning up and settling in, we toured the beautiful streets of Pompeii, and got our first taste of Italian culture.

After the walk we were quite hungry, and our noble leader thought Pizza in Sorrento the perfect cure. We boarded a train for the coastal city and arrived shortly after. Here we broke up into groups to explore the winding streets and alleys. In this journey my group was lucky enough to stubble upon an unbelievable ocean view as the sunset blazed red and orange over the peaceful Mediterranean. The words, “Sorrento is Beautiful,” gracing the front of a post card home, summed up the experience quite well.