Let’s talk yearbooks.

I’m not a very nostalgic person (amazing memory notwithstanding). I never join the “You know you’re a 90s kid when…” pages on Facebook, mainly because while I spent the first four years of my life I did not really experience, remember experiencing or enjoy experiencing half of the things they talk about (mostly due to them being on television; read one of my earlier blog posts for my answer to that).  Likewise, I only have one or two yearbooks that I never look at (partially because I’m not very nostalgic, partially because I have all of two pictures in them… and only one is me actually doing something that isn’t posed), and we have my sister’s senior year yearbook that no one looks at.

I think part of the reason I am lacking in nostalgia is because I don’t really revel in some of the things I do; if I move up a grade, I move on from there because I feel that I don’t want to get stuck reminiscing on the past year when I’m supposed to be focusing on the new year. There are a few exceptions, such as all the theatre shirts I get from the plays I perform, but then I actually want to remember all that goes on because theatre is awesome and High School… isn’t.

But just because I’m not nostalgic doesn’t mean other people are just like me; there are dozens if not hundreds of people that like remembering all the things they did in school, even if it’s mind-numbingly boring. For them, yearbooks are a portal to the past, and I can respect that. Also, I’m sure there are quite a few more people who like reminiscing than there are people like me who enjoy moving on and not remembering, so while I might not purchase one myself I still say yearbooks are an important aspect of any school (above elementary level; there it’s just silly).

Why am I talking about yearbooks? Well, Wabash might not have one this year.

You see, due to the Student Senate’s “infinite” wisdom, the yearbook was cancelled due to them deciding that it was not worth the money. I’m not a senior, but I would think that some of them might be a bit disappointed that they won’t be getting a yearbook this year. And it’s not just the seniors; yearbooks make for good propaganda/recruiting devices. If you have one laying out when prospects come by, they can thumb through it and see how great Wabash is and want to come here, but since there won’t be a yearbook the prospects do not get a good idea of what goes on during Monon Week or Chapel Sing . So, kudos to you Student Senate: you just knocked out one of our possible recruiting devices because it was “too expensive”.

I think what the Senate should have done was, instead of just canning yearbook altogether, see if there would be demand for it. If there are people that actually want the yearbook, then you should get them one. If no one wants it, go ahead and can it, but you can’t make these decisions without seeing if the masses aren’t going to vocally disagree with you (*cough*President Hess*cough*). I for one would love to give a few opinions about the goings on around campus, but since Student Senate never seems to be at a time I can meet up with them that leave me at an impasse. Could they at least send out a little survey so I can voice my opinion?

So yeah, save the yearbook. Because people care about it.

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