Wabash Always Fights

 Football won again, 66-0 against Hiram and soccer beat Wooster 4-2 in the seasons closing game.

It was pretty windy during the game and it felt colder than it actually was. Buddy and I went back to the ‘Dale for a sweater during half time and we met an alum. Mr.Tim Campbell, Class of ’86 and father of a sophomore at Fji. Mr.Cambell had lived in the ‘Dale his four years here and remembered Dean Raters as a student with him. He told us that one time a buddy of his had painted himself all green, like The Hulk, and started throwing pieces of furniture from the third floor window. Different times indeed. Then he went on to talk about the tv room in the basement. He went on to say that while he was a student MTV had just come out. “It was a revolution,” he went on to say that every time he walked past the tv room there was always the same guy watching MTV. Viddy was his nick name, or Vid for short.

This dude was just awesome. He had stories about putting guys in the dumbwaiter and riding in it (How I wish I could freakin do that, I’d be scaring people left and right) and filling up the basketball court behind Martindale with water during parties.

Just a huge contrast of what the definition of fun was, and what it is now. I do hope that my experience the rest of these four years will be as great and memorable as his were. So far I can actually say that they are.

Time for some late night McDonalds run with some of the 2nd Floor Dirt Dalers.


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