Meeting up with parents

Today was a good day. I got to see my parents and sister today.

My sister goes to Purdue (mostly; she has an internship with Delta Faucets), so I’m able to see her every now and then. My parents, however, still live in Oregon, and as such I don’t really get a chance to see them. I have Skype and a phone, but it’s not the same; nothing really compares to actually getting a chance to talk to someone face to face, and get hugs. One can never forget the power of hugs.

Great picture, isn’t it?

Anyway, they did show up yesterday, but I had some things that I needed to attend to, as did they. Once those were dealt with, we went out to Steak & Shake for… well, shakes. And fries. And burgers (well, I was the one who ordered the burger). We talked a lot; about my experiences here, their time back home, stuff like that. And that made me really happy, just getting a chance to sit down and talk with my parents.

Today, I met up with them at the football game (well, the first half; we left around halftime), and after that we just spent some time together; haircuts, Walmart stuff, and then dinner at Johnny P’s. Nothing too fancy (then again, how fancy can you  get in Crawfordsville… that’s opinion based), but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not so much the food and actions that matter, but that I got to see my parents again. And I’m looking forward to seeing them again as soon as I am able.

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