“Bach and Beyond” last night

End of a long week and like a fellow Glee Club member and blogger Christopher Dabbs put it, “Wabash is contained in a time space bubble.”

If this is true, I would not be surprised. Maybe it’s a way of lengthening the week due to Halloween parties starting on Thursday. Who knows, but it was weekend that has been yearned for very much.

On another note, I am again and again amazed by the Music Department’s Visiting Artist Series. These musicians are some of the most talented ones I have seen. Yesterday was a duo with piano and flute playing solely Baroque era pieces. So the songs were by Johann Sebastian Bach, the obvious trills and tremolos that distinguish his music. Reading through their short biographies in the programs and I was once again blown away. The pianist that was no more than 15 feet from me had been part of the Van Cliburn Competition. Saying he is a professional would just be an understatement. Haven’t been mesmerized by a performance in a long time and definitely not for free.

That was the best part, didn’t cost me a dime. As a college student, you learn to love dimes. Appreciating before you get to college might have been a smart idea. I’d have a lot of change for laundry or some junk food.

Gotta get to this football game against Hiram. WAF!!!

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