I’m Not Dead!

Hey ya’ll! It’s been over a week since my last blog, and I’m sure you’ve all been worried sick that I’ve died some horrible-yet-hilarious death as a result of my bad luck and clumsiness. I’m here to reassure you that I am NOT dead – but I’m close. Like clockwork, now that finals are right around the corner, a debilitating stroke of strep throat has graced my trachea, and ever time I swallow, it’s like I’m attempting to digest a ping pong ball wrapped in Styrofoam. How’s that for some visual imagery? After getting give-or-take zero hours of sleep last night, I’ve been hitting the throat spray and cough drops like it’s my job, and I scheduled an appointment with the campus physician for tomorrow. It’s worth noting that every time I go in to the health center, I’m reminded that Nurse Carol Lamb is an absolute saint. Sometimes even big college-age Wabash men who are feeling ill just really need someone to tell to call them “honey.” It helps.

But first…let me take a #selfie.

Speaking of not being dead, I have also survived two landmark college moments this weekend! After classes on Friday, my best friend from high school, Taylor, and I packed up and headed down to Bloomington for our first-ever “Little 500” weekend at Indiana University. Coming from campuses like Wabash, and even Purdue makes navigating IU seem like driving through a small nation-state. We reconnected with some high school friends, Wabash friends, and Taylor’s older sister Lauren, who is a senior Kappa Delta at IU. Needless to say it was a blast of a weekend, and I had a great time!

Notice the iconic green legs. “Fashion forward.”

Though Little 5 was awesome, the truly insane moment of the weekend happened yesterday. For you all, my wonderful blog-readers, you’ve been reading about my excursions and adventures as a Sphinx Club Rhynie for the past 3 months. From half-time dances to air raids, it was an experience I will never forget. But that being said, it is an excellent feeling to say that I am no longer a Rhynie! After being initiated, my Rhyne brothers and I will be full-blown, white pot-wearing, stripe-sporting members of the Sphinx Club. It’s been a heck of a semester, with a lot of good memories made, but I’m glad to have the last two weeks of the semester to fully devote to my finals and other responsibilities. Speaking of which, I need to get cranking of some Chinese final preparation I’ve been procrastinating. Have a good Monday, Wallies!



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