Physics Comes Knocking…Again

Hey guys, I’m back a week later for a quick update blog.

Although Phi Delt did not win the Pan-Hel Week competition, the whole week was a blast. Highlights included hosting Lilly Scholar finalists (which brings back memories of the first time I saw the famous freshmen bed races), listening to Jim Amidon’s phenomenal Chapel Talk, and dressing up with my fellow Rhyne brothers as sexy security guards for the shopping kart races on Friday. I had a great weekend with some out of state friends from high school at the beach-themed FIJI Island party and got to attend the College Democrats of Indiana Convention downtown on Saturday, which was, I promise, much more interesting than it may sound. On Sunday, I got to help out with Alpha Phi Omega’s annual community Easter Egg Hunt, which enjoyed a very good turnout of children from the staff, faculty, and community families. If my week sounds busy, just try living it all on top of Chinese homework and Rhyne duties. Although campus has been fun, I’m excited to head home for Easter this weekend, after Phi Delta Theta hosts its annual Mothers, Brothers, and Others day on Saturday.

Now I’m not one for excuses, but there is a reason that it’s been a week since my last blog. If you think back to right toward the beginning of the semester, my recently-fixed Mac crashed for the third time this school year, recrashing my hard drive after I wrapped up the last 7 weeks of the semester without a laptop. After this last fix, I thought that my computer problems might finally be behind me. I was unfortunately mistaken. Like clockwork, out of the blue, last Wednesday, my Mac failed to run any programs (which included saving the presentation I was working on), and after an innocent attempt at rebooting it, failed to find the hard drive, and I wound up with the gray “question mark folder” of death for the 4th time this year.

“Genius Bar THIS”

This means that any and all computer work must be done on the other side of campus, on a library Mac. Even on a campus Wabash’s size, folks, this is a major pain in the butt. I’ll try to use my mobile Twitter account from my phone as much as possible until I can get the bad Apple fixed. (@BodeWabashBlog).

But even with the bad news about my Mac, I won’t leave you without a funny story based on my personal injury (par usual). On Friday afternoon, with all my classes finished for the day, I decided to lie down on the comfy couch in my and Joe’s room for a quick nap before my friend Jess arrived on campus. The weather was gorgeous, the window was open, and even with loud “Friday afternoon” music blasting from the room next door, the nap seemed like it would be a roaring success.

And then PHYSICS.

Here is why Physics doesn’t even make sense to me. Sound waves are not solid. You can’t touch sound. But apparently, it can touch other things. I hadn’t been lying down for more then two minutes before I heard a tinkling noise above me. A picture frame had fallen off the shelf above me, rattled off by the intensity of a song playing from the speakers in the room next to me. I had just enough time to think “well at least it was just a picture frame that landed on my lap” before a decorative bottle I had picked up in New Orleans twerked right off of the shelf, and crashed onto the very top of my head. I saw stars. There was no serious damage, but needless to say, I still have a nice lump on my head, and I haven’t slept on that couch since.

Have a good week Wallies!



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