你好吗? 认识你很高兴! Or in other words, hey ya’ll! I recently got a program that lets me type in Chinese characters, so I figured I’d bust it out. It’s that time of year again, when everyone busts out their favorite fraternity swag and Wal-Mart tends to misplace a couple of shopping carts – Pan-Helenic Week! For anyone that doesn’t know what the “Hel” Pan-Hel means (#SunsOutPunsOut), it’s Greek Week! The inter-fraternal week of competition kicked off Sunday afternoon with the second annual Fraternity Day banquet, where all Greeks were invited to mingle, share ideas, and honor the fraternity achievements across campus. For the rest of the week, each night there will be competitions between the fraternities such as Tug-of-War, Tricycle Races, and the famous Freshmen Bed Race, so that a house can be crowned Pan-Hel Champ at the end of the week. If you read my blogs last year, you might remember that Phi Delta Theta is actually the defending Pan-Hel Champ, and we’re prepared to put up a fight to earn a back-to-back victory. Last year, we placed well in events all across the board, but really won our way to victory by winning spirit points at almost every event. Phi Delt may be small, but if there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s showing up to things and making noise.

Also, this week kicks off the Master’s golf tournament! If you’re thinking “Wow, Nathan, you don’t seem like the type that gives a crap about golf,” then you’re TOTALLY CORRECT. However, I’m a Rhyne. And that means that if there’s an occasion to dress up for something, we’re not going to miss it. So to celebrate the Master’s, the Rhynies will be marching around campus posing as golf caddies all week, complete with golf bags, Arnold Palmers, and green jackets. When I texted my dad asking if he had a spare bag of clubs I could use for the week, and explained why, Poppa Bode pulled through like a champ, and brought me the official attire of a Master’s caddy. This doesn’t mean a polo and sweater vest. No, no, this means a water-resistant zip-up white onesie. It’s SUPER sexy. So if you see the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man waddling across campus…that’s me.

There is literally no difference between the left and right picture

The only other real news is that I got accepted into the Sons of Wabash this weekend! Time to meet some more alumni. Wish us luck in Pan-Hel!

Have a good week, Wallies!



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