Staying Busy

Hey ya’ll, I’m back with a blog. I really am trying to up my blog-to-week ratio (which is at a sexy 1:1 right now) but guys, it’s at the time of the year where people don’t really have time to talk to each other as much as shout nouns and verbs at each other in passing because we all have so much STUFF to do. It’s not even all totally challenging stuff to do, but just the immense amount of tasks that have to be completed on a day-to day basis is enough to make you go crazy.

I’ve discovered that I will totally lose my mind and forget to do ANYTHING unless I write EVERYTHING down, which leads to my awesome hand-drawn calendars. Being able to physically scribble things off of the calendar helps put my mind at ease, and it has saved my butt more than because I’ve forgotten about something until I see it on the ‘dar. For example, this week includes such notes as “Meeting with Hoerl,” “Symphony Field Trip,” and “Rhyneship stuff” (which just encompasses a lifestyle).

I don’t mean to sound like the typical college student, but it really is shocking to believe that this morning, I registered for my junior year classes. I’m very excited for next semester, because I’ll be back into my major classes. A semester of easy, 100-level distribution courses has been nice, but I am itching to use my brain again the way it’s supposed to be used – in political science and Spanish. Next semester includes such gems as the Introduction to Political Theory, and the famous Nietzsche course, both taught by my favorite professor Dr. Hoerl, as well as Chinese 201 and Spanish 313.

The next semester will also see the continuation of the independent research project that I have been working on with political science professor, Dr. Gelbman. We hope to have done enough research by next year to present our findings at some political science conventions around the country (I’m extremely excited). More info to come on this exciting project.

Good to hang out with friends from the Mt. Vernon stomping grounds, with my friend Jess, my twin sister Mandy, and my best friend from high school, Taylor.

Finally, it was a fun weekend to be on campus, since it was packed to the seams with friends from other campuses for this year’s National Act, The White Panda and Sammy Adams. It was a whirlwind, but I’m of the firm belief that the more people on campus, the better. Now there’s one week to recuperate before Pan-Hellenic Week starts next week, when Phi Delta Theta will work to defend its title as Pan-Hel Champs.

P.S. CONGRATULATIONS to Coaches Roger and Cassie Busch on the healthy arrival of their baby girl Emmerson!!

Talk to you later, friends,



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