Bao Na Sen, Bouts, and Bikes

AH, nimen hao! I know it’s been way too long since I posted a blog, which isn’t good. But that just means I have plenty to tell you about! And boy, do I. This past week was about non-stop from Thursday to Sunday night, spanning multiple time-zones, with a whirlwind of people to meet. So let’s get to it!

On Thursday, students in Chinese language courses (like myself), and Chinese or Mexican-American History courses packed two busses to head to Chicago for a day of foreign art and culture. We visited a few art museums focusing on Mexican-American and Oriental art, and had the opportunity to shop around in Chicago’s Chinatown. For the Chinese 102 students, this included a short but nervous interview with a tea shop owner, in Chinese. Luckily, my group, which included a Sphinx  Club member and my Rhynie bro Ryan Anzalone, interviewed a very cooperative, and very sweet old lady who made sure not to speak too quickly. I am nowhere near as good at speaking Chinese as I am at speaking Spanish (which I have studied for about nine times as long), but even asking short, kindergarten-level questions in Chinese such as “what do you think is the best tea here?,” I felt a twinge of the excitement that I get from speaking and understanding a foreign language. All in all, it was great to get off of campus for a day, and I felt very refreshed coming back to hit the ground running.

And it just happened to be Jess’s birthday. Happy birthday cutie!

My second Honor Scholars’ Weekend as a Wabash student was just as exciting as the first, and I can’t believe it has already been a year since I was writing about my own fight in the Phi Delt bouts. Like last year, I had some of my best friends from high school visit for the weekend, including my twin sister Mandy, and Phi Delt/Rhynie class sweetheart Jess, who stood in as Round Sign girls during the bouts (and thoroughly convinced all the recruits that cute women are at Wabash, like, ALL THE TIME!). Meeting recruits who may be my fellow Wabash men, or even fraternity brothers next year was exciting, as always, and it’s always great to see how passionate current Wabash students get when trying to find a way to explain to prospective students just how incredible Wabash really is. The weekend even saw me make my “Retired Athlete” debut onto the track during the Greek 4×100 relay, in which Phi Delt took a very close, but proud 2nd place. It’s been a while since these legs have had to run!

To wrap up this blog, I’ll make an announcement that I’ve been excited to make for a while. If you’ve kept up with my blogs, then you know that I’ve been going through the application process for an internship with Nantucket Bike Tours for the second time. I’m very excited to say that I was offered the internship position, and will be heading out to Massachusetts this summer, along with Sphinx Club member Tanner Watson, ’15, to learn more about operating a small entrepreneurial business. I’m still a little in shock, and I couldn’t be more excited. Plus it should give me plenty to blog about! Stay out of the snow, and have a good one Wallies!



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