Rhynies and Root Beer: Craig Brainard

Me and Craig cracking open the very first “Rhynies and Root Beer” after Chapel!

Hey ya’ll, happy Thursday! So for the rest of the semester I’ll be doing a couple installments of my new blog segment, “Rhynies and Root Beer.” Rhynies, like most humans, get thirsty from time to time, so I thought it’d be fun to sit down, crack open a cold one, and have an unplugged chat so you all can get to know my Rhyne brothers a little better! Seeing as all but one of my brothers is underage, we’ll stick to root beer…for now.

Craig, what’s your major and minor?

My major and minor are in Rhetoric and Economics.

You’re a Beta. Compare your house to a fruit, and explain why.

I don’t want to sound terrible. I don’t want to say lemon and sound terrible. But it’s a good analogy! Some people look at the outside and think that it’s going to be sour, but for some people it’s a good fit, and they really like it. I love lemons.

Marry, Kill, or Play Call of Duty with: Ke$ha, Ronald Reagan, and Dean Raters. Go.

That’s a tough one. I guess I’d kill Ronald Reagan, because he’s already dead, the job’s already done. Then I’d marry Dean Raters and play Call of Duty with Ke$ha.

What made you choose Wabash?

The business connections. We obviously don’t have a business program, so I saw the value in the business connections, and heard about the alumni support, and how that’s just a tradition here.

Why did you join Sphinx Club?

I came to Wabash for the business connections, but then started to love all of the traditions that we have here. As a freshman, all of the guys that I looked up to were members in the Sphinx Club, and I didn’t really notice it until I was a Rhyne, but all the guys who you would imagine as leaders across campus are in the club, which really drew me to it.

As someone raised in Crawfordsville, is it true that all townies are born with 12 toes?


Would You Rather: be made of Jello, or constantly have extremely sticky shoes?

So sticky to the point of like…? … [inappropriate simile about stickiness] … Oh. Made of Jello.

Who’s your favorite professor?

*Genuine struggle for about 45 seconds* Can I just tell you my top list? *Final decision* Dr. Herzog and Dr. Hudson have probably been the most influential for me.

What is your favorite mammal?

Red panda.

And that’s it for this week guys! I’ll post a blog or two next weekend from New Orleans, so until then, have a great and safe Spring Break Wallies!



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