NBT, HPAs, and NOLA!

Hey ya’ll! I have so many different exciting things all going on at once, that I’m just going to skip the cheesy intro that I’m known for and get straight to the dirty details.

I’m sure we’re all a little “fetta-p” with cheesy intros.

For any of my loyal readers who have been following my Wabash adventures since last year (hi, Mom), you may remember that the “big deal” for me around this time during my freshman year, I was applying for the Nantucket Bike Tours internship. Although I did not make the final cut last year, the experience I gained through the application process was incredibly eye-opening to what a real-world application is like. I’m excited to be pursuing the Small Business Internship with Nantucket Bike Tours again this year, and kicked off the application process Sunday evening with a phone interview with the founder of NBT, Jason Bridges. With another year of career, student, and life experience under my belt, I’m excited and confident about giving the other applicants a run for their money. I’ll keep you all updated as I find out more!

Jack Belford ’16, some guy, Jacob Burnett ’15, Dylan Miller ’16, and Josh Bleisch ’16 at the Oscars

Immediately after my phone interview Sunday night, I ended the weekend on a high note by ordering pizza and watching the Oscars with some friends. Sunday nights are often a bit stressful and gloomy, what with the impending Monday and all, so the tradition this semester has been to get together with friends every Sunday night, and start the new week off on a fun note. This usually means heading to Applebee’s around 10:00 for half-price appetizers (HPA’s). After 5 weeks of seeing the same group of guys each Sunday night, our waitress now knows my drink order. Watching the Oscars was a great substitute for HPA’s, and we even took a selfie in honor of Ellen Degeneres’ A-List selfie that got so many retweets, it literally broke Twitter.

This week is going to be dedicated to preparing for my second Spring Break service trip to New Orleans, Louisiana, which starts around 4AM on Sunday morning. If you read any of the blogs last year, you know that I had an amazing time on the trip, and I’m very excited to head to the gulf again for some 60-degree weather and sun, and hopefully a little building of character while I, along with men from Wabash and Crawfordsville First Christian Church work to repair and restore homes damaged during Hurricane Katrina.

I’ll be starting a new series of blogs called “Rhynies and Root Beers” this week, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It should be pretty fun.

And a little plug of self-promotion, if you, my dear reader, as a prospective student, parent of a future (or current) Little Giant, or some other character that reads Wabash blogs, has a question for me, shoot it at my Twitter (@bodewabashblog) and I’ll make sure to squeeze a response into my blogs!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone.



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