I Didn’t Fall Down, SORRY

Hey everyone! Another packed week at the Bash is coming to a close, and I can practically taste the weekend already. It was an eventful week for Little Giants young and old, as we headed down south AGAIN for another basketball game against the Dannies, and welcomed a 95-year-old alum to campus to give us HER wisdom after being involved on campus for so long.

Tuesday night, the familiar scene of a 30-car caravan heading to Depauw University appeared again for the second time within a week. Unfortunately, the Little Giants fell to DePauw, and fell out of the NCAC Conference Championship, but our school definitely won in terms of spirit and general class. Sporting only “pro-Wabash” posters and keeping our cool throughout the game reflected much better upon Wabash than the Dannies, who resorted to obscenities and very personal remarks about our players. The only thing worse than a sore winner is a sore loser. In addition, it has officially been established that the Wabash College Sphinx Club, compared to the DePauw cheerleaders, more than makes up in overall enthusiasm for what it lacks in flippability.

Yesterday put me in a great mood thanks to the Chapel Talk from Jean Williams, Wabash’s oldest living honorary alumnus. I’m not sure if so much character has graced the Chapel since Jean’s last talk. Her wit and seven “pearls of wisdom,” were the perfect start to my Thursday, and really has set the tone for the weekend. My friend Jess is already in town, and my final class of the day was canceled, so the weekend is off to an early start! This blog wasn’t very exciting, and I get that. But sometimes not everything that happens to you all week is worth blogging about so if you didn’t like this blog very much, SORRY I DIDN’T FALL DOWN AND HAVE A FUNNY STORY TO WRITE ABOUT LIKE I NORMALLY DO. In all seriousness though, have a great weekend Wallies!



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