Cheers and Ears

Hey Wallies, Happy Sunday!

Just a quick update on some of the exciting things happening to your favorite Wabash sophomore blogger. If you follow Wabash sports at all, then you know that Wabash Basketball suffered a 74-75 loss to the Depauw University Tigers on Wednesday night. It was an extremely exciting game to watch, and extremely fun to be a part of as a Rhyne. As the away team at Depauw, the Rhynies were joined on the court by the Depauw cheerleaders, which led to some fun competition between the two groups. Although their flips were a little more graceful than ours, I can honestly say that I believe the Wabash Rhynes had a little more pep than the cheerleaders. The competitive atmosphere between the Wabash and Depauw student sections was about as intense as the basketball game, but luckily not as physical.

A highlight of Thursday was attending Dr. Lexie Hoerl’s Division III discussion on Venetian republicanism. My freshman tutorial class with Dr. Hoerl still stands as one of, if not the most enjoyable class I’ve taken at Wabash, and was certainly the most intellectually challenging. Hearing Dr. Hoerl speak so passionately on one of her favorite topics (Venice) took me back to my innocent days as a Wabash freshman, and it was nice to dust off some of the old terms and concepts I’d picked up from my tutorial.

My industrial bar!

Finally, the last big move of the weekend was heading home for a bit to hang out with my parents, and also pick up my new car registration. I didn’t realize it until I just typed it, but I totally left that at home. Wow. Good one, Nathan. Anyways I also swung over to Broad Ripple with my friend Dylan and got an industrial bar rammed through the cartilage of my ear. We didn’t tell a single soul about it beforehand and I like to think I was cashing in on all my years of pent-up teenage rebellion. It looks pretty great, but it’s a little tender.

Time to go swab my lobes with anti-septic!



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