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Wabash Always Writes! And that’s why it’s time for another blog post. For any of you bloodthirsty savages out there who are just waiting for me to tweet a picture of me with Sharpie on my face, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. You’re right, I did not fulfill my side of the bargain, and post a blog yesterday. However, in my defense, my computer hard drive crashed (for the third time, if anyone’s keeping score) on Thursday night, so that’s not fair. I have plenty of exciting things to update you on though since my last blog from Thursday afternoon! Mostly, this blog will be all about how busy the Rhynies have been for the past couple of days! Since Wednesday, we’ve had four cookouts, three half-time shows to prepare for, two basketball games to cheer at, and one busy weekend.

One of the most fun parts of being a Rhyne is acting as the Wabash College cheerleaders at the basketball games. Forget pompoms, glitter and grace…we just look like a bunch of idiots playing ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ at half court during time-outs. But it’s actually a whole lot of fun. The half-time shows we’ve put on so far at the wrestling meet and Friday night basketball game were a blast, and it was great to see some of my Rhyne brothers step out of their comfort zone a little more. Many members of the Wabash community let us know how much they enjoyed the half-time shows, and it got me to thinking a little bit about the Rhynie appeal. We’re more than cute little red hats.

We DO have cute little red hats, though.

I think that for the parents, professors, and administration that see us dancing at the game, grilling Rhynie burgers, or rolling around in the snow kicking our feet in the air, the Rhynies represent some of the most important aspects of Wabash culture. That’s why you can’t explain Rhyneship to other people…you just can’t get it unless you’re Wabash. The Rhynies and Sphinx Club represent tradition for the sake of tradition. There’s definitely something to be said about the feeling a prospective high school senior gets when he sees his first air raid during a campus tour. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s unquestionably Wabash. I also think that many find it endearing to see a bunch of young men acting like idiots, in a fun, (relatively) wholesome way. It’s hard not to smile when a bunch of guys wearing little red hats run around pretending to be airplanes in front of a gymnasium full of people. If you’re interested in seeing the next Rhynie dance, we’ll be grilling out and cheering at the next home basketball game, Wednesday night at 7:30 against Ohio Wesleyan University! Until then, take it easy, Wabash.


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