Liberty in the “La-aand of the FREEEEEE”

Buenos dias, Wallies!

For anyone following #SharpieChallenge2014, I’m sorry to let you know that at least for one more day, I will not be writing on my face with Sharpie due to a lack of blogging. Sorry to disappointment you. But on the bright side, I have a new blog! Even the past two days have had plenty of excitement to blog about. Yesterday was packed with things to do and people to see. Sometimes the best thing to relax your mind at college is to get off of campus just for an hour to hang out with friends. Going to Little Mexico with my friends Dylan, Josh, Jeremy, and Jacob ended up being a spontaneous, but hilarious substitute to dinner at the fraternity like normal.

A few members of “Say Yes to Hess” at an earlier Freedom Indiana rally

Immediately after Little Mexico, we headed to a community meeting put on by Freedom Indiana, to work on a short campaign focused on winning over Senator Phil Boots to vote against the marriage amendment bill HJR-3, on which the Senate will vote on Monday. Since Wabash College took an official stance against HJR-3 last November, a group of Wabash students, the self-titled “Say Yes to Hess” group, has been very involved in Freedom Indiana’s campaign. I love getting involved politically for something that I see as the defining fight of my generation. Having such a close group of friends that I can work with on this issue is just another great experience I’ve had coming to a school the size of Wabash.

Me and my Rhyne brother Graham lobbing some snowballs.

Once we were done fighting for liberty inside, we took the fight outside for the annual campus snowball fight, complete with Rhynie burgers and the National Anthem, sung by yours truly. Though I am by no means tone-deaf, I am not a talented singer either, so when I was volunteered by my Rhyne brothers to sing the National Anthem, in front of a massive crowd of about 30 people, I was a little anxious. I climbed up onto a snowbank, held my Rhynie pot over my heart, and decided that if I couldn’t sing well, at least I could sing loudly. Surprisingly enough, it went well, and I even hit the high notes with minimal creakage. All in all, I’d say I did my forefathers proud.

This morning, the Rhynies suited up and waddled outside in the cold encouraging students and staff to “Go to Chapel!” Folks, it’s colder than it looks. Come out to the wrestling meet tonight for some more burgers, and to see the Rhynies perform a WWE Royal Rumble during intermission!

Take it easy, Wabash.


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