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Hey guys! It’s time to blog again. After a hectic week here at Wabash, it’s time to start blogging more regularly. It’s been a pretty typical first week back to Wabash, although it’s a little different finding myself in my first lab science class, Physics 105. Don’t worry though, any course titled “Adventures in Physics” has to be at least a little fun, right? For someone who is consistently surprised by the way gravity works, this class could truly be an adventure. But I guess could spend my time in worse ways than rolling my classmates on scooters around the field house. It’s like the ultimate throwback to grade school recess. In a similar fashion, my Music 107 class, “Beginning Music Theory,” is bringing me back to my many years of piano back in the day. It has been nice to be reintroduced to a lot of basic theory (sort of like the ‘grammar’ of music) that I’d forgotten about over the years.

I’d have to say that my favorite class this semester however, is my Political Science 122 class with Dr. Hollander, the professor that I had the privilege of traveling to Cuba with last November. Being a PoliSci major, I guess this makes sense. The class is “Intro to Comparative Politics,” and has been a really interesting look into basic political theories about why the world has organized itself the way that it has. Many of my other PoliSci friends had taken this course before the Cuba course, and can attest to it as a very well-taught and intriguing class. I’m pretty stoked.

The other big development this past week, a fast-paced week indeed, was the beginning of Spring Semester Rhyneship. For any readers that don’t know, Rhyneship is the process of earning membership into the Wabash College Sphinx Club. If you’ve seen red and white-striped overalls, you know who the Sphinx Club is. It has been a whirlwind, but after submitting my application last Friday, and interviewing with current members on Sunday morning, I am very excited to join the other 10 Spring semester Rhynes in my Rhyne class. I’m looking forward to getting to know my Rhyne class better, along with all the members of the Sphinx Club.

I’ll talk to you soon, Wabash!



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