Back in Business

Hey ya’ll! I know it’s been a long…long…long…long time since I posted a blog. And that’s sad. But before you throw your rotten tomatoes and whip out your pitchforks, let me explain myself first. 2013 was like the year of technological terror. Let’s talk about my iPhone being stolen. Let’s talk about my replacement phone getting to the point where I could see a light-up “Verizon” logo, and nothing else. Then my back-up back-up phone eventually stopped caring at all and just sent me a “your keyboard has stopped working” message. And then my hard-drive stalled. AND THEN MY HARD-DRIVE BROKE.

And just when you thought your warranty covered everything.

But people, it’s 2014. I have an iPhone that works, and a brand spanking new hard drive, and I feel like I can do anything. So on that note…I present the official First Blog of the Spring 2014 Semester! With a new semester comes new classes, new events, and new opportunities for me to experience here in Bashtown, USA. Although I am not totally sure yet how to approach my first semester at Wabash as a retired athlete, I am excited to see what the semester holds for me. I picked up my application for membership in Sphinx Club this evening, so if all goes well, hopefully you, my devoted readers, will get to read blogs through the eyes of a spring Rhyne. I’m also returning to the Student Senate, the College Democrats, Alpha Phi Omega, and other campus activities that keep things interesting around here. I’ve been back at Phi Delta Theta for less than a week, and there’s already been plenty of excitement, including a officer meeting with some very caring Phi alumni.

As always, my blogs won’t be too serious, and hopefully my blog game stays optimistic and humorous. I take serious pride in my picture usage. I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be my year, so make sure to keep checking in, and follow my Twitter, @bodewabashblog.

And in closing, thoughts and prayers go out to our D1 friends to the north. Stay safe Purdue.

Hugs not drugs,


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