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Howdy, Wabash!

It’s that time of the year again…soft snow is following, Christmas music is playing, and everyone is full of holiday spirit and joviality!


That means that tempers are short, nights are long, and the temperature is single-digit. Not to mention that there’s no snow in sight. However, just like last year, with some hard work and a little perseverance, Finals Week will come and go with few casualties. This week hasn’t been too bad yet, though I’ve got some tests and papers looming over my head. Sometimes the best remedy for an overloaded schedule is some scheduled time off, which is exactly what a group of politically-minded friends did last night.

Josh Bleisch ’16, Jeremy Wentzel ’14, Seton Goddard ’15, Nathan Bode ’16, and Dylan Miller ’16 — “The new Wabash Mafia”

Though not bonded by an official club or organization, when the Great HJR-6 Debate of ’13 hit Wabash, a small group of students became particularly active in supporting President Hess’s decision to oppose the legislation. If you read my blogs, you know that I threw my piece in with this group. Many of these students headed to downtown Indianapolis yesterday to hear Mary Cheney, daughter of former U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney, speak on the issue. Let’s just say it was a pretty swanky event, and it’s a great example of the Wabash lifestyle that because of a personal connection, we were all able to get free admission to an event with tickets ranging from $30-$5000. One man even introduced us to Mary Cheney as “the new Wabash Mafia.” However, even with a wide range of well-known political activists and members of the Indiana State Congress, the real star of the evening was fellow sophomore Adam Alexander’s panda bear-print tie.

After the reception, a small group of us braved the freezing temperatures to walk downtown and eat at Buca di Beppo’s, which was an experience in itself.

Overall, even though I could have spent the time studying and stressing over finals for a few more hours, I think that it was more productive in the long run to get off campus and spend some down time with friends.

Good luck with finals, Wallies! You can do it.



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