Life Is Busy, Okay?

Hey guys, it’s me again, your friendly neighborhood blogger. I know you haven’t seen me in a while, but that’s because finals are looming and life is crazy. I’ll fill you in on some of the going on’s and then head off to the library…again.

So anyways, being back from Cuba has sucked, but it’s nice to really start grinding down on final projects, tests, etc. The initial shock of coming home involved a Spanish presentation on Buenos Aires dialect on Tuesday, but I actually think I nailed it, which just means one more thing to check of the list. Speaking of Buenos Aires and lists, I finally submitted my application to study abroad in Argentina yesterday! Not only is it great to have out of the way, it’s also very exciting (and a little nerve-wracking) to know that my application is finally under review. Argentina will be a great place for me to really take my Spanish skills to the next level. I should be able to let you know by February if I’ll be headed down south for the spring semester of 2015.

Phi Delt got a special treat this week when the Red Cross bought our house a free Buffalo Wild Wings dinner to celebrate our house winning the Bleed for the Bell Blood Drive. The food was great, and President Hess, Mrs. Hess, and Dean Oprisko all swung by to have some food with the brothers.

The holidays are also among us, so if you pass the Phi Delt house, you should be able to see some Christmas lights slung around our front yard (PDT style), and hopefully hear Christmas tunes blasting from my room. To get in the spirit, my friend Jess (of Halloween weekend fame) is visiting tonight, and we will be watching Christmas movies and making bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, all while studying for finals. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

No Grinches here.

Finally, the last big thing happening in the near future is tonight’s Evening of Discourse. If the second annual dinner of discussion is as good as the first was, it should be a great evening. At the event, speakers will present a short speech on a controversial topic of discussion, such as race, religion, gender/sexuality, and even what it means to be a Wabash man, and then dinner tables made up of seven or eight students, faculty, and trustees, will have about 15 minutes to discuss the topic. It was a very insightful evening last year, and served as a great way to meet some new faces around campus.

Good luck with the last week of classes, Wallies!

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