Phi-ting Against ALS

Hey guys!

This is my first blog since my two blogs over the HJR-6 debate a week ago, and I’m afraid that this one will be back to the typical Bode style – so a little less political, and a little more casual. Don’t worry; if something else intense happens on campus, I’ll jump back into the game. All I can say to sum up the past week is that I have really enjoyed getting involved in the political aspects of campus; even though it got a little hairy sometimes, and I called down some thunder from my blog, it was worth it to get behind something I really am passionate about. I got to meet some awesome friends in the process, and the OVERWHELMING support I got from you all was awesome. So from me, thanks. :)

Anyways, it’s Bell Week, and the Monon Mohawks are starting to make an appearance. I love the sound of the bell coming across campus, but at the same time, it brings back some not-distant-enough memories of pledgeship at Phi Delt last year. I can’t believe it’s been a year already! This year’s pledge class has a special project planned the few days before the Monon Bell game – the Phi Delta Theta Game Ball Relay!

For the relay, pledges, actives, and alumni of Phi Delt chapters at Wabash and Depauw will run/bike a special “Monon Bell” game ball from the Phi Delt Indiana Beta house here in Crawfordsville to the Indiana Zeta house in Greencastle. They have been raising money for ALS research. Better known as “Lou Gehrig’s disease,” ALS research has been named Phi Delta Theta’s national charity, in honor of brother Lou himself, a 1925 Phi at Colombia University. I may even run a mile or two myself. Once the ball reaches Depauw, the pledges will present the ALS research foundation with the raised funds. It’s nice to see Wabash and those folks down south working together for such a great cause!

I’d also like to point out that in two weeks from now, I’ll be hanging out in Cuba, not that that’s a big deal or anything.


In another year with the Bell,



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