Have a Nice Fall! (LOLOLOLOL)

Hey everybody! I went from having nothing to say to having so much to say that I’m wondering how to fit it all into one blog! I guess this is a good thing. What should I talk about first? My ability to carry on a conversation while playing post-practice Slip-n-Slide? The Conference Championship that the Wabash cross country team just won? Or the killer weekend I had with some of my best high school friends? So many choices.


We’ll start with the weekend. It’s always a pleasure to catch up with friends from high school, and spending the past few days with my best friend from high school, Taylor, and my future formal date Jess, was a great time. We hung around with Taylor at Purdue for an evening, had a great time at our tailgate here at Wabash, and tried our best to do Halloween weekend right. I can’t wait to see them back at Wabash again!

I’ll also touch on the real action this weekend: the Wabash Redpack at Allegheny College in Pennsylvania. With confidence and determination, the fellas lived up to the pre-race poll, and walked away with a well-deserved championship title. I’m so proud to call these guys some of my best friends! I have my last meet of the season at Indiana University this Saturday, so I’m heading into the week with a water bottle on hand at all times, and a special request for pasta on Thursday night, so that I can hopefully finish my season with a personal best time.

Finally, it’s story time. After practice last Wednesday, some teammates and I were discussing what it’s like being a PoliSci major, while showering. Trust me – stranger things have been discussed in the team showers. Anyways, as I walked out of the showers

After. Kops and Ke$ha.

with the confidence of someone who has walked across the locker room floor, oh, about a million times before, my foot slid out from underneath me. Not a big deal, I caught myself, and took another step. And then I busted my ass. We’re not talking a nice little stumble to the ground. We’re talking a butt-naked whirlwind of limbs and profanity totally biting the dust on a tile floor. However, at the time, I was so immersed in the PoliSci discussion that I just sort of bounced off the floor and kept the chat going, without (figuratively) breaking stride. Just a day in the life, guys.

Have a happy Monday!


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