*Unenthusiastically posts boring blog*

Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted in about a week, which is a real shame. Normally I would spout off something along the lines of “But it’s just been such a busy week! Let me tell you all about it!” But it hasn’t been a busy week, really. I’ve just had a lot of homework to focus on. It’s getting to the time of the semester when there are still plenty of things to worry about besides end-of-the-semester projects and papers, but we’re still getting close enough to the deadlines that I’m starting to wig out because I haven’t begun working on them.

Other than routine schoolwork and meetings, not too much has happened in the life of Bode, which isn’t typical for me. Normally I can turn the most mundane situations into SOMETHING interesting. The highlights of the weekend included volunteering at the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer charity walk Wabash hosted this weekend (which was freezing), carving some pumpkins, and then travelling to downtown Indianapolis for the Indiana Association of Student Councils to meet up with some of my fellow camp counselors that I worked with over the summer.

The big news for this weekend is that the Cross Country team is travelling to Pennsylvania to compete for the NCAC Conference championship. As the pre-meet favorites for the title, the team has high hopes for victory, and I’m sure they’ll do Wabash proud.

Since this was such a short, piddly little blog, if something interesting happens this week, I’ll be sure to post again about it. Until then, I’m off to my Cuban Politics course. In the meantime, follow my antics on Twitter at @BodeWabashBlog! #ShamelessSelfPromotion.

Have a great one, Wallies!



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