On Tennis, Democrats, and Feeling “Wabashy”

Hey ya’ll. I’m back after a fantastic Fall Break back home in Greenfield, complete with some four-wheeling, shooting (clays and hedge-apples/zombie brains only), and plenty of euchre. It was amazing to take a break for a few days from the responsibilities Wabash drops on its students, but now I’m back and on the grind again. I’ve only been on campus for 2 days and my schedule is already so packed that I haven’t made it to dinner since being back. That being said, not all of my time has been spent running and doing homework.

Basically, yeah.

Last night, Phi Delt pledge Pete Piazza ’17 and I took on some faculty members in the first round of Intramural Tennis. I lucked out with Pete as my doubles partner, who played tennis in high school, and I didn’t think I was too shabby for a total amateur, so I figured it’d be a pretty fun match. Guys, I was wrong. I was so wrong. As I began to warm up with Professor Pearson and Professor Ison, it seemed like they definitely knew what they were doing on the court, whereas I…didn’t. My suspicions were confirmed when I tried to return Professor Pearson’s first serve. Forget keeping the ball in-bounds, I was lucky to keep the racket in my hand. Needless to say, Pete carried the team on his back, all the way to a 0-6 loss to the faculty. Luckily, we play again soon against Lamda Chi for the coveted 3rd place in the tournament. I can smell a comeback.

Today (Tuesday, if I don’t actually publish this until after midnight), I left the house at 1:00 for classes, and didn’t come home until 10:00. People, this is why I’m going insane. That being said, it wasn’t all that bad. After practice, I attended our Student Senate meeting, which I always enjoy because it makes me feel all “involved” and what-not. I was very pleased when a large squad of Phi Delt pledges showed up to observe the meeting; it’s great to see them getting involved around campus.

So imagine how pumped I was to see even more pledges at Jeremy Bird’s talk on

Bird graduated from Wabash in 2000, and ran Cross Country here! Nice.

President Obama’s 2012 campaign! After a nudge from Dylan Miller ’16, my fellow Cuba-traveler and president of the College Democrats here at Wabash, I decided to attend Mr. Bird’s talk to get a little insight into his career before he visits my PoliSci class tomorrow morning. The talk was excellent, and I’m excited to spend some extra time learning about Mr. Bird’s experiences in national politics tomorrow. Whenever I attend the various lectures, discussions, or guest talks here on campus (and there are far too many to attend all of them), I feel my most “Wabashy.” It seems like the exact Wabash mindset that not just students, but also faculty and other Wabash community members attend discussions simply for the sake of learning something more from someone else’s perspective. The liberal arts education here tells us that even if something isn’t directly related (or related at all) to what we’re here to study, WE SHOULD LEARN ABOUT IT ANYWAYS. It’s a good feeling to be in an environment with so many intelligent people, and the free punch wasn’t shabby either.

Have a good one guys!

Hugs, not drugs,


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