Popsicles at College…YAY!

Hey Wallies, it’s me again. I figured I’d try to get in one last quick post before Fall Break, which is all but here…finally. With no homework, papers, quizzes or tests for tomorrow’s two classes, I mentally checked the heck out right around 7:00, once we finished our “Little Giant” workout, and it feels indescribably amazing to be mentally relaxed.

Pretty accurate at this point.

Simply attending class tomorrow will be an enjoyment in itself, considering I find my Political Science fairly interesting, and I actually love the chance to practice Chinese for an hour during my Chinese class, so I don’t consider anything tomorrow legitimate “mental” strain. I plan on getting my 5-mile run done before class and DIP SETTING for home as soon as possible after class. I posted a picture in my blog LAST year about the feeling of leaving for Fall Break that was so wonderfully accurate, that I have to bring it back for round two.


The only real struggle on my plate for now is the onset of tenosinoitis in my ankle. After a week of tossing around the possibility that my ankle was just sore, I finally popped in to see the trainers, who discovered a gnarly, grainy, scrape-y feeling in my tendon that just feels…bizarre. So now my days at Wabash will include three trips a day to the training room for ice, stretching exercises, and a popsicle.

I’ll segue into one of my favorite “Wabash moments” from last year, the first time I visited the training room. I walked in around 9AM one morning to take an ice bath and have my shins stretched out. Spread around the room were athletes from various sports, including football, basketball, and track, all wrapped in gauze and plastic with ice bags galore. Pretty typical training room scene. The best part though, was that every single one was sitting on the edge of a training table, watching Tom and Jerry on the training room T.V., with squeeze-tube popsicles. Never have I felt more mature at college.

Have a great Fall Break, guys.


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