Reaching My Fall Breaking Point

Hey guys,

I’ll shoot you a quick update about how things are going here at Wabash, and then scoot out to work on some projects I have due in the next few days. The past 4 days have been a whirlwind. On Thursday, I headed out with some of the Chinese Language and History classes to spend a few hours at the Indianapolis Museum of Art researching various aspects of Chinese calligraphy. Because a large group of Phi Delts ended up going on the trip, it was a great time. We also got to enjoy some delicious Cajun food on the way home (extra delicious on the college’s dime).

I think I saw someone with this tattooed on their arm the other day.

Rolling right into Friday, I rushed home from cross country practice at Shades State Park with just enough time to shower and throw on a suit before heading to President Hess’ Inauguration Dinner. This was no typical gathering of alumni for sandwiches and iced tea; this was a HIGH CLASS event. Knowling Fieldhouse was decked out, complete with giant fake trees and strings of hanging light bulbs. I passed the evening with a few of my fraternity brothers and the language interns, discussing study abroad programs and the apparently low quality of American wine.

Aren’t we precious?

The excitement of the evening really kicked off when I headed back to the house to greet my high school friend from Ball State University, Jessica, who spent the weekend Wabash style with the Phi Delts. We had some Buffalo Wild Wings, tailgated before the football game, watched a scary movie or two, and then got gussied up to head to the Sigma Chi Halloween party last night, which was some of the most fun I’ve had since being at college. There’s no feeling like dancing on top of the D.J.’s platform in a Magic Mike costume.

Finally, I’ve decided that the college must schedule its Fall Break very strategically, because I have hit the exact point when I could really use a break from college life for a few days. Everything is going fairly smoothly, for sure, but I have a very high number of things that I’m doing the Struggle Juggle with, and if I keep going too much longer, I’m afraid I’m going to drop and break some of them. To say the least, Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

Best of luck to all the Phi Delta Theta pledges competing in Intra-mural Cross Country tomorrow! I have faith that they’ll all survive.

In the Walking Dead season premiere tonight,


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