I Learned Something at College! WOW!

Happy Sunday, Wallies,

For the first time in a long time I’m just going to write a short catch-up blog. This week flew by simply because it was hard to think about anything besides class, practice, homework, sleeping, and repeating. There honestly wasn’t a lot of time for much else in between, and I even forgot about #WackyWednesday on the Cross Country team (that’s when you know I have a lot to think about).

The most inspiring thing I can write about this week is on behalf of the passion that students can find in classwork here at Wabash. For Political Science 372, Cuban Politics (the class I will be travelling with to Cuba over Thanksgiving Break), I read a letter written by the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara. If you follow either of my Twitter accounts (@bodewabashblog *cough cough*) then you’ll know that I found Che’s writings fascinating.I don’t remember ever being so ready to discuss something in class. This was more than coming to class prepared and confident; this was a real intrigue and desire to LEARN something from discussion. As I was highlighting and underlining and circling and writing comments in the margin (such as “OMFG THAT’S SO TRUE!”), I realized that this is what Wabash is about. To student readers, I think that you’ll know when you’ve stumbled upon the right thing to study here,

It’s all about passion. Passion, and megaphones.

because you will be completely captivated by the idea of learning more. The reading and discussion will be for so much more than earning an “A” for your daily participation, a trap that high school tends to set for us. I can feel myself starting to rant just getting passionate about it now. It was a good feeling, guys, and Mr. Guevara brought out a little of the revolutionary in me.

Other than dipping a toe into the wonders of academia, I spent the rest of my week preparing for some Chinese and Political Science tests, running, and helping my Chinese professor, Yi laoshi, with a small graduate project. I even got onto Purdue’s campus this morning for an entertaining 11-mile run in the rain with the team.


Finally, wish me and my roommate Joe good luck as we begin the I.M. Doubles Tennis tournament this week. That ought to be a real show.

¡Que viva siempre la revoluciòn!

Bode-Bode-Bode-Bode Rockin’ Everywhere

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