Today’s Blog Brought to You by: The Letter “R”!

Well, guys, it’s that time of the year! Cool breezes, crunchy leaves, bonfires, and chili: Fall has arrived, and white girls everywhere rejoiced as they Instagrammed their yoga pants and hoodies. That’s all fine and dandy until you remember the not so delicious thing that pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween candy bring with them: PATHOGENS! That’s right, Wabash: on top of my phone going MIA for 2 weeks, and my laptop going bezerk for a week, I am now sick. I woke up this morning, stretched, and took a deep breath. I coughed, and I hacked. Getting out of bed had me like:

Luckily, brushing my teeth helped me out a little bit.

I’m not so aggressively sick (yet), though my throat and sinuses are starting to bog down. What’s really getting to me is this total inability to get enough rest. I slept 9 hours last night, slept 3 hours between class and practice, then came home, said I’d take a 15 minute cat-nap until 8:00 and entered absolute cryogenic sleep until 9:30. I dreamed I was in a hot tub listening to the Beatles when my pledge brother Addison and his girlfriend Caitlin showed up to give me a fake plant as a house-warming gift for my new room at Phi Delt. ANALYZE THAT, FREUD!

“Show me a fake plant, and I’ll show you a sexual disorder.”

Anyways, Homecoming Weekend was a whirlwind, but also a blast. It was awesome to have my family come visit for Phi Delt’s post-game feast (“Spread”), and spending some time with Mandy all weekend was pretty fun too. I even got to jaunt up to Purdue and spend the day relaxing with best friend from high school, Taylor. Although I am merely sick at Wabash, not sick of Wabash, it is still very refreshing to get off of campus for half of a day, if not just for a little change of scenery and faces. I love our tiny campus, and seeing so many familiar faces all over Wabash is one of my favorite things about Wabash. But sometimes it’s nice to get away and live the D-1 life for a second.

Finally, a closing thought. I’m writing this at the library (a little later than I wish I was), and I’m about to tackle some serious reading assignments. 3 documents that I have to read cover the Cuban Missle Crisis, the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and Cuban economics of the 1980s. All three articles make for a total of 12 pages of reading, which isn’t too shabby. THEN I printed one paper titled (I kid not), “Coarticulatory Effects on Spanish Trill Production.” Do you know what that actually means? “The Letter R.” How long is this you ask? 13 PAGES, PEOPLE. I repeat: The letter “R” got as much paper space as some of the most significant international interactions of the late 20th century, plus some. #WABASH.



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