The Most Frustrating Blog — EVER

Hey all. I’m going to keep this short due to the fact that it has taken me (literally) 15 minutes to get this far in my blog. Everything is actually going great for me at Wabash, but there have been a multitude of profanity-inducing inconveniences that are starting to make life one big annoyance. I have been phoneless for 8 days now. And my computer has been crashing for 6 days now. Crashing to the point where I cannot scroll, change web pages, upload pictures, or type more than 7 words without 60 seconds of spinning rainbow Mac-ball of death. All homework has been done on library computers, and it takes half an hour to check email. Current run time on this blog? 30 minutes. I will type up a better blog on a library computer tomorrow. Pray that I haven’t thrown my Mac down the stairs by then.


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