Staplers, Flags, and Pledges

Hey guys! I’m coming to you from the lobby of Hays Hall, where I am yet to actually have a class. I think it’s the most “college-y” building on campus. If you walked inside Hays for a little while, you might mistake yourself as being at any other university. Hopefully I can put off my science classes long enough to stay out of here for a little while longer. The only reason I’m here in the first place is because, honestly, it was just too hot to walk anywhere else.

Short anecdote on what my last half-hour has consisted of. I had a paper due at 12:00 today, okay that’s chill, no big deal. I sent in my e-mailed copy at 2:00 this morning so I should be good, right? WRONG. My professor requested a hard copy. Again, not a big deal. I set out from the Phi Delt house to print and turn in my paper. First obstacle: finding a printer. My options are limited to the Armory, the Library, and Detchon. Which

At this point, nothing would have surprised me.

is closest to Phi Delt? The Armory (but not by much). So I cross the mall (read “SAHARA DESERT”) and print in the Armory. This is when the Universe says “LOL, Bode, joke’s on you today!” There’s not a stapler in the Armory. So I head to the other end of campus, to get a stapler at the Library (which has printers anyways). So THEN I walk BACK across the mall to my professor’s office to turn it in. If you think this was dull and exhausting to read, imagine living it.

In other news…I have lost my iPhone. Being without it for a day wasn’t so bad, but now that I’m coming up on the 48-hour mark, I’m starting to stress and panic. Somewhere between having it in my bag, and showering after practice, it wandered off, which I’m assuming isn’t just an effect of the iOS 7  upgrade. I’m hoping it’s one of those things that will just “turn up,” but eventually I’m going to actually have to address the problem of not having a phone.

What a good-looking bunch of pledges…Not quite sure what Nick Boggs ’17 is doing with his face.

Lastly, a big shout-out to the Wabash Conservative Union and the Phi Delt pledges, who helped set up the thousands of miniature American flags as part of the 9/11 memorial that is on display on the mall today. I actually blistered the center of my thumb pushing so many wooden flags into the ground, so typing this blog is a little difficult! But it was definitely worthwhile to see the flags on the mall today.

I’m off to practice now, but take some time to spread a little love today, on this national day of remembrance.

Happy birthday Momma Bode!


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