Pots, AWAY!

Ni hao ma, Wabash? It’s a random Wednesday night, I don’t have class until 1:10 tomorrow, practice is over, homework is finished (more or less), and my roomies are studying instead of watching Gossip Girl. You know what that means: time to blog.

It has been great getting back into a somewhat solid routine here on campus again. My classes are proving to be as exciting as I’d hoped, particularly my Chinese course and Cuban Politics course. I love hearing my voice in Chinese, and better yet actually understanding what I’m saying. Right now I’d guess I’m around the Chinese capacity of a 16-month old Chinese infant, but hey…a week ago I didn’t know anything.

Maybe I should watch more Nick Jr.

Even more fascinating is the fact that I am completely absorbed in the history portion of my Cuban Politics class. I don’t like history. I don’t despise it or anything, but I’d just generally prefer to discuss the cultural do’s and don’t’s of East Asian society. Maybe it’s because the Cuban Revolution was such a major part of recent history, or the fact that in reality it is still going on in America’s front yard, but I can’t get enough of it. The bottom line is that I am once again amazed at how different college classes are from high school courses, simply because they’re actually focused on something I care about.

In other news, a fresh wave of green and red pots have taken campus by storm as the 2013 Phi Delta Theta class of pledges begin their journey to brotherhood. They’re doing an excellent job so far, including my pledge son Erin! Welcome to the family bud.

Between Student Senate meetings, cross country practice, and class, I’m being reminded again of the quick pace of life here in Crawfordsville, but it’s good to use my brain again.



Man zou guys!



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