Almost Finished

Hey Wallies! 22 days until the Cross Country team moves back into Wabash, which means everyone is on the downward slope until school starts again. I feel like I just moved back to Greenfield, but then again it also seems like I’ve been away from my team and the Phi Delt house for way too long. It will be great to move into the house as a sophomore with *drum roll* MY VERY OWN ROOM. WITH A DOOR. As many good times as I had in the cold dorm, it will be great to have a space just for my roommate and I to keep clean.

As if to wrap up the summer, I have my last day of work at Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant on Tuesday. It’s been a blast improving my Spanish, making friends, and learning how to be “that waiter with the bandana” as I’m known in Greenfield. But it will be great to take some time off to head to Wyoming with my family next Friday.

Once I finish my blog, I will actually be checking my booklist to see if I can order some books ahead of schedule and avoid the catastrophe of last year, when I went for 2 weeks without any books. It’s strange to imagine myself spending time writing papers and the like again, but I’m looking forward to it in a way. The biggest change will be turning my focus from Psychology to Political Science, my new intended major. I honestly don’t know a thing about PoliSci, so I’ll be easing into things with PSC 101.

Hope your summers are going well, and I can’t wait to see you all again here in a month!



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