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Happy Murica Week, Wallies! It’s been a time since my last post, and I’ve got plenty to talk about during my time away from Crawfordsville. Work at Mi Casa Mexican Restaurant continues to be exciting and worthwhile, and my Spanish has improved dramatically since I began work in May. My full name at work is “Catalino Reyes-Corona de los Cubiertos Lentos,” so I like to believe that I’ve finally made it in the Mexican restaurant business. Moving up in the world, I now wait tables in addition to bussing them, so I have a chance to use my social skills and my money-maker to, well, make some money in tips. I haven’t dropped any steaming fajitas yet (knock on wood) so hopefully things keep going well.

The big news as of late was my acceptance for a position as a

My own SLI family from 2011. Now I’ll be one in a pink shirt.

Junior Counselor at the Student Leadership Institute of the Indiana Association of Student Councils, a 5-Day summer leadership camp for high school student government leaders. I attended the camp before my senior year of high school, and have been eagerly waiting to apply as a counselor for the past two years. By pure luck, an additional spot became available to hire a new counselor this year, and I was offered the spot. I’ll actually be working alongside another Little Giant, Spencer Burk ’14, who has been a J.C. at SLI for the past two years. Needless to say, the next 8 days until July 10th are going to crawl by. Now if only I was an orientation leader at Wabash…#TeamStillBitter.

As far as “Wabash stuff” goes, I got to spend a day on the lake with my Phi Delta Theta pledge brother Addison, I continue running as much as I can to prepare for Cross Country, and I meet Wabash alumni everywhere I go. I met a fellow student at Mi Casa a week or so ago (I forget his name), and then randomly met the sister of a Wabash Phi Delt from the 70’s while waiting on her table. The reach of Wabash is far and wide.

I’ll try to be better about my Twitter account this month, so if you’re interested in the day-to-day happenings of the average Wally, follow me @BodeWabashBlog. 6 weeks until we move back in guys…make them count! Until next time, it’s time for me to go get another tattoo.



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