Hey Wallies! Greetings from Greenfield! If you’re surprised to see more blog posts from me, clearly you don’t follow my Twitter account @bodewabashblog. If you haven’t heard, I have proudly accepted a position as the official blogger for the Class of 2016 for the next three years! I’m looking forward to stepping up my blog game during the 2013-14 school year, now as a Political Science and Spanish Double Major (with a concentration in International Studies). But for now, it’s nice to relax at home for a little bit away from Crawfordsville.

As much as I loved being a freshman blogger, it is AMAZING to say that I am now a sophomore blogger. As a sophomore, this now means more interesting classes, more responsibilities, and perhaps most bitter-sweet of all, moving out of the Phi Delt cold dorm and into a house room with mi mejor amigo Joe. It seems like very recently I was typing up the first blog of my career, introducing myself from Greenfield, “where the corn is tall, the mufflers are short, and the points don’t matter.” Brings a tear to the eye. BUT like all good things, freshman year is finally over, and it’s time to approach Wabash in a more mature, responsible way (like last year’s sophomores did…right?).

The big thing I’m doing with my summer is my work as a host/bus boy/chip boy at a local Mexican restaurant, Mi Casa. It’s essentially an internship for a Spanish major (like myself). I get to go entire shifts speaking in only Spanish, and I can tell already after a month that my Spanish skills have greatly improved. But that’s not to say that I haven’t made my share of mistakes along the way, much to the chagrin of my coworkers. Although “Bode” is my most common name on the Wabash campus, “Gringo” is what I respond to at work. This is what happens when you drop a white kid into a foreign foods restaurant. It could be a sitcom, seriously. Most significantly, I get to wear a bandana as part of my uniform each day, so I’ve managed to integrate my own flair into the workplace.

Aside from eating my weight in free Mexican food (25 chicken burritos and counting), I’ve spent my free time running in preparation for Cross Country season, and seeing my friends when I can. Hope your summers are all going as well as mine is! I’ll post again soon.


Hugs not drugs,


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