The Farewell Blog


As unbelievable as it is, I have finally reached the end of my freshman year here at Wabash College. It is surreal, and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet! And with the end of my freshman year comes the end of my time as a Freshman Blogger. I’ve done what I can this year; I hope I’ve made you laugh, made you think a little bit, and most importantly given you a personal view into the life of a Wabash student. I hope I’ve kept you entertained as well! To those of you who have followed me from the beginning, thanks for your support! I’d like to thank Howard Hewitt, Kim Johnson, and Chip Timmons for the opportunity to blog, and even more importantly for their invaluable support this year (and for Chip’s unfailing patience with my inability to turn in my ESH hours on time). It has truly been a pleasure to use my words to build a connection with so many people.

So for the last time, Wallies,

Hugs Not Drugs,


And WAF,

this is Nathan Bode for Wabash College signing off.

April 28, 2013

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